Let’s All Just Dance

6 Jun

Hey folks. Hope your weekend was pleasant. Tomorrow, I begin my internship at Newsday (newspaper in New York). It is orientation and I am very excited. I may not have time to post tomorrow and this is why you are getting some online direction tonight. It is becoming tough to think of different words and adjectives for the links I post, by the way. Tomorrow, after I learn the schedule for my internship, I will finally be able to create a posting schedule for the summer. Hooray! It’s these simple things that get me so excited. And, after I make the schedule, I will let you all know what it is.

By the way, if any of you would like to read about my internship experience, you can follow me on my new blog project The Perennial Intern. On it, I will be posting about my internship on either a daily or weekly basis. I hope it will prove to be entertaining. Thanks in advance for visiting.

The Site: http://theperennialintern.wordpress.com/

Now, on to some links.

You know what I have found quite danceable lately.

That’s right the new laudatory Nike commercial that pairs Kobe Bryant alongside other NBA greats. Do you recognize the song? That’s a clip from a Beatles’ song right? Yes myself, “All Together Now” appeared on Yellow Submarine. Who has an urge to watch “Yellow Submarine” right now? Anyway, that is not Paul McCartney leading the child-like sing-a-long. That is OutKast’s Andre 3000 reappearing on the music scene. Besides a few cameo appearances, Andre 3000 has not released on album since OutKast’s 2006 Idlewind soundtrack. I wonder if this version of “All Together Now” will be released in full. I’ll keep you updated.

Link: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/17386/108549

Rooney preparing for the fifth position

I know someone else that may feel like dancing now. He certainly can dance with a soccer ball between his legs. Hopefully, for the United States’ sake, he will not want to dance after the U.S. meets England in their first match-up of the 2010 World Cup on June 12. I am talking about England’s star Wayne Rooney who, according to goalkeeper David James, is England’s best dancer. But, “Are there any good singers in the  England team? Rubbish! Absolute rubbish.” So, I have just found the weakness you need to exploit, America. I cannot believe James would reveal such a flaw in the English squad. We just need to serenade them with our mesmerizing choir and we are set. We just need to call on midfielder Clint Dempsey. I hope you’re taking notes Bob Bradley.


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