SWOD (Song of the Day/Word of the Day) #20: Hobbledehoy

7 Jun

Today’s Word:

An example of a hobbledehoy

Hobbledehoy (Noun): An awkward, gawky young fellow.

Musical Example:

Ah, now you get the image above. Now, before I get into a musical example of this odd word with unknown origins, let me alert you all of my posting schedule for the summer. Internship orientation was exciting, but a tad bit confusing and overwhelming. That was to be expected. After most likely getting hopelessly lost in the building tomorrow, I believe things will become more clear when I am put in front of a computer and told to write. I can do that well. Heck, I am doing that now. Maybe I will write about a hobbledehoy. I work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for now. Does everyone remember the posting schedule that I used when I was in college just a few months ago? Court links will grace your screen on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday’s will be reserved for a SWOD. So, consider this a Tuesday post. Wednesday and Friday will change weekly.

Now, on to the music. You know, “Why must I be a hobbledehoy in love.” Wait, those are not the lyrics Dion and the Belmonts famously sing? That’s right everyone. Tonight is reserved for an oldie but a goodie. “A Teenager in Love” was written by Doc Pomus and partner Mort Shuman in March of 1959. The song hit #5 on the Billboard pop charts. The song was originally sung by Dion and the Belmonts and you can watch a video of a performance of the song below.


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