World Cup of Glasba (music in Slovenian) Click the Link for your Country!

11 Jun

Let’s just throw out the months of June and the first part of July and instead call it World Cup. The event, which occurs every four years, provides an opportunity for participating nations to unite in support of their soccer team. It’s an exciting tournament and for sports fans in the United States, it is an excuse to watch the true world’s sport, soccer.

Baseball may be America’s past time, but soccer is a universal sport. I, though, am part of the large group of Americans who enjoy the World Cup every four years and then forget about soccer until the Cup rolls around again. Why? Well, I did not grow up a soccer fan. Neither did the majority of Americans. But, the World Cup is different. It is a pride tournament, focusing on Olympic-like sport battles. But, it is only one sport. It is a true battle of specified skill, allowing for an almost war-like concentration on the soccer field. It is a pleasure to watch these athletes defend their countries’ name. And, if our United States team can put on a show, we may see a rise in soccer popularity even after the World Cup is finished.

But, for now, let’s enjoy the buzzing sound of the vuvuzela which provides an annoying, but kind of cool, background to the broadcast. Let’s enjoy the excited fans, the delicacy and patience of soccer, and the passion of the sport. After four years of waiting, the players are giving their complete all. This is what they have trained for. Oh, and let’s also enjoy the South African anthropomorphised World Cup mascot, Zakumi.

While surfing the web for World Cup online material, I came across something I just had to share with you guys. It is called the World Cup Song 2010. The competition is free and for anyone who has an original song about the World Cup 2010 in general, or their specific country. Right now, out of the 367 entries, the USA is represented twice in the top 100 at 67 and 73. England is represented as four of the top five songs. What is going on guys? How will we win on the soccer field if we can’t win in the world of music. I must call for a campaign. I will include the links of the two American contributions below. Click and watch.

“The Surface” – 2010 World Cup Song – Team USA!

US SOCCER SONG ANTHEM VIDEO by Frank Morrison (World Cup 2010)

One Response to “World Cup of Glasba (music in Slovenian) Click the Link for your Country!”

  1. Humidity Temperature November 22, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    in the next world cup, i would try to be so energetic and i would cheer all day for my favorite team –~

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