SWOD: Here Comes the Sun

21 Jun

Time for another instalment of the song/word of the day.

Today’s Word: Heliolatry

Oh...Now the post title makes sense

Heliolatry (noun): Worship of the sun.

Musical Example:

For those who reside in the Northern Hemisphere the concept of heliolatry was quite prevalent yesterday. Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, occurred yesterday and with it brought sunshine, warm weather (at least on Long Island, NY) and the welcomed beginning of summer. Trust me, I would know. I was out yesterday reporting on how people were spending their solstices around Long Island.

And, to help welcome in summer, I could not think of a better song than “Here Comes the Sun.” I wonder if there will ever be a word like Beatlolatry. The worship of the Beatles (in case you did not realize what I was getting at). I may suffer from a taste of this. Luckily, Beatlolatry won’t lead to eventual skin cancer. Though it may lead to a serious case of Beatles’ lyricitis (a condition which provokes constant singing of Beatles’ songs). Anyway, moving away from my stupid comments, here is what you all came here for. Quality George Harrison (who wrote “Here Comes the Sun” on one of Eric Clapton’s guitars, by the way) playing “Here Comes the Sun” with some other talented musicians.


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