Plain White T’s? I packed five of them.

24 Aug

Listen to this:

Yeah, the voice sounds different, right? Immediately when you see the band name Plain White T’s you think of their huge overplayed hit “Hey There Delilah.” Lead singer on that well-known pop track: Tom Higgenson. Higgenson is not singing lead on Plain White T’s new single “Rhythm of Love” which will appear on their Fall album The Wonders of the Younger. Taking lead duties on this particular track is guitarist Tim Lopez, who takes lead vocal on several of the new album’s tracks.

The switch of lead vocals is an interesting one. The change of sound is also quite a wonder. Plain White T’s, have you gone California pop on me? Hey, I kind of like it. The song is catchy and Lopez’ voice is…bubbly. It is only a matter of time before this becomes a hit (probably going to be overplayed).

The reason for this T’s plug? I like the change. I will also be changing tomorrow. I am moving up to Binghamton for the beginning of my senior year of college. Scary, right? I am quite excited, but, will unfortunately be without computer until Friday. We have to wait to get internet up at the rented house. So, until then, please enjoy this new track and have a good couple of days everyone!

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