Sing Sing Sing

27 Aug

More like sleep sleep sleep. I am tired. Who said living in a house would be hard? Dam, days with endless shopping, cooking, cleaning. Wow, I should have thanked my Mom more.

Well, I am in officially moved in. Internet and cable are working fine and right now I am watching my poor Mets actually win a game. That may not last. But, I had a few seconds to myself and I wanted to definitely post as soon as I could. Because…get ready for…

You like the picture inclusion? I don’t know, I thought it was clever. Well, as for a new posting schedule I am thinking something along the lines of:

Monday: Links

Tuesday: Lyricist of the Day

Wednesday: Anything from SWOD to Song of the Day

Thursday: Links

Friday: Feature Post

Of course, there is no guarantee that this will remain the schedule, but, for now it looks good with my school schedule. Also, the Music Court may be adding a new writer. The music writer from may be providing you with some quality psychedelic music reporting in upcoming days. Keep a look out. Now, let’s get away from this boring stuff. How about some links?

I have two interesting places for you to visit.

So, how do they really sing?

One would presume that in the ears of a classical singer, heavy metal vocalists may not be looked at favorably. Well, that is not entirely true. Ozzy was not spared.

Claudia Friedlander, a classically-trained, New York-based voice teacher who knows virtually nothing about metal, is featured in this post from Invisible Oranges. Her responsibility? Judge metal voices. And, besides the overly raspy Ozzy (who Friedlander asks how long of a career did he have? That’s a big HAHA) Bruce and Rob get good ratings. If you know who these musicians are based on their first names then you know your metal. If not, still click on this article and check it out. Because, I am sure many of you have thought while banging your head to screeching guitars…I wonder how this singer matches up with true vocalists?

I wonder what Friedlander would have to say about Bob Dylan. Hmm…Bob Dylan.

Like a Rolling Canvas?

Yes…Mr. Dylan may not be the greatest singer in the world, but, the man is incredibly talented. He is not only an inspirational musicians, but, he can paint. Dylan will be showing new paintings and drawings on display at Denmark’s Statens Museum for Kunst September 4th through January 30th.

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