“Please Speak Well of Me”: One Song Review From Weepies’ Be My Thrill

2 Sep

The Weepies released their new album Be My Thill two days ago and my friend, another Weepies’ fan, was able to pick up a copy after class. He listened to half the album and turned it over to me for some auditory consumption. I popped the album into my computer and let Deb and Steve sweep me off into a world of cool folk tunes. Cool is a good thing. My room is still quite steamy.

I have not gotten a chance to listen to the entire album yet, but, by the end of tonight I should have the majority of it finished. But, in the 4-5 songs I have listened to, I can tell you all with much confidence that The Weepies’ have not lost a step. I mean, yes, one could argue that because they play a pretty generic style of pop, it is kind of hard for the river to run dry. But, producing tune after tune is harder than it seems. The Weepies could easily fall into the trap of trying to do too much. Trying to expand their infectious pop genre. But, no, they stick to what they are good at. Chill music.

And, the aptly titled first song “Please Speak Well Of Me” (I see what you did there Weepies…very clever) does not deviate from the Weepies norm…and being awesome. It is a perfect opening track and the rest of the album follows in suit. Buy a copy and enjoy.

I am heading home tomorrow for break. If I don’t get to post tomorrow…I will be back Saturday. Keep tuned!

One Response to ““Please Speak Well of Me”: One Song Review From Weepies’ Be My Thrill”

  1. Bambi September 7, 2010 at 2:48 am #

    The more I listen, the more and more sure I am that “How Do You Get High?” is my favorite song on the album.

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