The Finest Worksong

6 Sep

Yes…the absolutely perfect Labor Day song title from R.E.M. was just too tempting not to put as the title of this post. R.E.M., be proud, you created a fine work song that gets the most plays on a day devoted to workers. Labor Day always confused me. So, we celebrate laborers by giving everyone a day off from work. On Labor Day shouldn’t we work twice as much? Um…no nevermind, forget I said anything. Yes, Francis Griffin would be proud.

Well, my Labor Day was spent with family. Tomorrow, I am taking the Graduate Record Exam. Nervous? Ah, not really. I have never been one to worry about tests. You go in and do the best you can do at that particular point of time and that is all. Plus, I never much got the point of standardized testing. Well, tomorrow I will get the brain juices flowing and see if I can regurgitate some old mathematics all over the computer test.

For anyone who is roaming around the internet at this hour, bored, and too tired to move your body into your bed, here is a work-related, Labor Day influenced song quiz. See if you can name that fine work song.

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