A New Look to the Classic Court Links

30 Nov

I like revamping old-school blog entries just for the sake of wanting change. Today, I sat a row closer to the front of my English classroom just for a change and most of those who usually sit around me, followed me and adjusted to my change. Those who generally sit next to me in the fourth row sat with me in the third row. And, those who sit a row in front of me in row three sat in row two. Seriously, people are creature’s of habit and are susceptible to being tricked. So, hopefully this slight change to court links won’t freak you out so much. Don’t worry, I am not going to trick you. Court Links will be split into three sections tonight (Random Video, What Did You Say and Awesome Link)

We start with:

What Did You Say?:

Headline: Abba star loses bankruptcy dispute with Buddhist Monk

Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/sweden/8162864/Abba-star-loses-bankruptcy-dispute-with-Buddhist-monk.html

Well, I guess I won’t be taking a chance on her. Here is what I have been able to gather from this odd story. Former Abba-er Anni-Frid Reuss brought a bankruptcy order, which is an order issued by the court as a result of a petition for bankruptcy by either a creditor or a debtor in order to declare an individual bankrupt, against her former Buddhist teacher. Alright, so we are clear. No. Well, trust me I shook my head also. Well her, and her boyfriend Henry Smith, lost the dispute. But, have no fear, the lifestyle of this particular member of the rich and famous is not changing anytime soon. The 4.5 million euros she lost is mere pocket change. She is worth somewhere around 100 million euros. Moral of the story. Don’t sue monks. They have super powers. (Disclaimer…In no way does the Music Court support the claim that monks actually have super powers).

Random Video

We are going to stick with Abba, because, why not? Here is a really nice acoustic instrumental of “Dancing Queen.” Just because you know enough words to sing along does not make you a loser!

Awesome Link

Rolling Stone Magazine has been running this amazing playlist special where they ask famous musicians to pick their personal top 10. May I present to you Art Garfunkel‘s Top 10


“Killer Joe” by the Rocky Fellers. Wow, that is an obscure early 60s rock band made up of children. Yes, they were all kids. This was one of those bands that will never be remembered because they were overtaken by the British invasion. They were talented. “Killer Joe,” by Bert Russell and Bob Elgin, reached #16 on the charts in 1963. This band of Filipino brothers also possess a very interesting fun fact.

Did you know that in 1963, the Fellers recorded “Santa, Santa,” a Christmas song written by a 22-year-old, unknown Neil Diamond.

Here is “Killer Joe”

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