R.E.M’s Collapse A Good Thing – Younger Decca – Happy Together (if the grades are okay)

7 Feb

R.E.M‘s New Album Best in Years

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck said that R.E.M’s new album Collapse into Now, “is, song for song, the best thing we’ve ever done.”

That may be a slight exaggeration. R.E.M has released enough hits that their greatest hits album is jam packed with awesome material. The new album will be released on March 8 and it has garnered a lot of excitement within the threesome. Bassist Mike Mills and vocalist Michael Stipe are also quite excited about the release.

R.E.M. will not tour for this album and this is also their last release for Warner. I will definitely check out the album and encourage you all to do the same. R.E.M. was one of the only good things to come out of the 80’s musically and while the band is certainly far removed from their prime, I am encouraged by their confidence.


Decca is Back

Decca records is recording again and attempting to crack the impossible mystery of how to get young listeners interested in classical music.

“It’s kind of a reaffirmation of our commitment to classical music, a bit like renewing your wedding vows,” managing director Paul Moseley told Reuters at a lunch celebrating the re-Decca-ration

It’s tough to say because I actually like classical music, but I tend to believe that attempting to get young listeners into classical music is like climbing Mount Everest. Is it possible? Yes. But people may die and it is a massive amount of work. Decca will try to promote young artists but, let’s be real, classical music is just not sexy enough. It is not danceable and marketable to our mainstream youth. Keep trying though. I’m pulling for you.


Rock Teaching

Mark Volman knows a thing or two about successful music. If I wanted to take a class on music management I would take it with him. You don’t know who I am talking about right? Volman is the curly-haired co-founder of The Turtles and is the guy making the money when you download “Happy Together” from Youtube.

Volman is just one musician that has hit the mainstage of the classroom in order to teach some young folk about music, and not just how to play it.

“People come in with this television idea that everybody is going to be the next Carrie Underwood,” Volman told John Rogers from the Associated Press. “They don’t understand how many nights you’re not going to get paid what they said you would and how many nights you’re not going to have a room to sleep in because the promoter didn’t get it in the rider you signed.”

Check out the rest of this great read: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110207/ap_en_mu/us_school_of_rock

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