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The Mars Volta – End of an Era (2001 – 2013)

25 Jan

All the great things of the world must come to a close. It is difficult to watch a band you love move on to other things, but you must let them go, like when you let your children go off to school for the first time. Their music will always be there to listen to and surely there will be new music for them to create in the future, after all, they built themselves out of the ashes of At The Drive-In. No one ever imagined this group would do anything in the first place; I remember having tickets to go see them when they first came on the scene and Flea was filling in on bass for their early shows. I let the $10 tickets burn a hole in my pocket because the weather was crummy that night and I couldn’t imagine I was missing much  I was wrong.

The Mars Volta is such a unique blend of genres, and they had such a vibrantly aggressive yet very organic sound. Every album they released was such a different experience and you never knew what you were going to get. Even when they changed drummers, guitarists, or other members, the results were always excellent. They have been musical innovators during the past decade and while their commercial success (strong for their arena) was nothing sublime, they are one of the most daring and creative acts of the 2000’s and will be missed in the rock scene. RIP.

The Bright Light Social Hour

18 Jan

Austin Texas is the (self-proclaimed) “Live Music Capital of the World.” Debatable or not, it is a city that is bursting at the seams with music every night of the week. No matter what part of town you’re wandering through, you’re destined to find a great band you’re never heard of playing for free and bringing 100%. It gets overwhelming at times because you don’t know where to start and you never want to stop adventuring because the night is always young and the party is never on hold. I’m going to help you cut to the chase.

If you’re lucky enough, you can catch the Bright Light Social Hour when they’re resting in their hometown here in Austin. Their music features a fresh, danceable rock sound with catchy lyrics and a helluva attitude. Their entire debut release (Bright Light Social Hour) is a party in a CD. Not one song slows down or lets you escape the ride. The best part is that they’re even better when you see them live. The first time I got to go to one of their concerts I hadn’t even heard most of their songs yet and I was singing along and jumping around the entire time. If you’re brave enough to give their sound a chance you’ll wind up with the same addiction I have. Best of Luck.

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