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A Welcome and a Note

27 Aug



Please help me introduce new Music Court writer Zoë Brown! Zoë will cover new bands and other music-related topics. Here is a brief biography. For those who have already seen the blog this morning, you will notice that Zoë has already released her first post, which you can view by scrolling down on the main page.

Zoë is a south Florida native, but relocated to LA to follow her passion: being employed. Her love for indie music blossomed when she became a teenager. She attended the University of Miami, where she found her true calling: WVUM 90.5fm the Voice, UM’s very own college radio station. Named “Best College Station in the Nation” by mtvU, WVUM became her second home. Zoë spent more hours sifting through new music than studying for exams, and eventually served as Music Director, then General Manager, of the station. Her other hobbies include bowling, checking out new underground films, and watching Arrested Development re-runs.

Bowling, obscure films, and Arrested Development. She will fit right in!




You may have noticed the dearth of posts this summer. I apologize for that. I am embarking on a new stage in my occupation journey, and I am excited to report that I will begin as a 10th grade English teacher in a few days. I spent most of this summer preparing for the school year, and once the school year hits I will continue to be swarmed. I cannot wait. I’m fulfilling a dream. That being said, I will make sure to keep the Music Court updated with new music and engaging content. Other writers like Zoë will be a HUGE help. So, in celebration of school returning, here is a little Beach Boys for your Wednesday.

The Best Back To School Song: “Be True To Your School” by The Beach Boys

28 Jan



Hey! Put that surfboard away!

“When some loud braggart tries to put me down
And says his school is great
I tell him right away
“Now what’s the matter buddy
Ain’t you heard of my school
It’s number one in the state”

The Beach Boys win purely on their ability to use braggart in their lyric. End of story. But seriously, “Be True to Your School” won the poll for best back to school song and this title is well deserved. Their overly corny, early 60’s, nauseating school pride anthem is so utterly ensconced in the education system that it might as well be sung after the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to Brian Wilson and the plaid shirt wearing members of his surf music band.


Don't these look like law abiding citizens

This 1963 ode to pep rallies and Hawthorne High School, the Wilson’s school in California, is cheery and so supremely hokey it kind of needed to win. Seriously, the song is so early 60’s Beach Boys mouthwash that it practically is most of their other songs in the same key. Not much ingenuity there. But the harmonies are great and the lyric is class.

It wins because of these reasons. That are not many songs that can inspire someone to want to go back to school. Most inspire young people to long for school’s end. The Beach Boys try to get you in the classroom with the lure of pride. So get your letterman jacket on and be true to your school.

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