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Weepies On The Morrow

4 Nov

Track 4 on the Weepies’ new album Be My Thrill sings that “I Was Made For Sunny Days.” According to the popular comedy show, it is always sunny in Philadelphia. That is where my friend Anthony and I will be traveling to see The Weepies perform tomorrow night at the World Cafe Live. And, such a coincidence can only be a fantastic omen for a night of chill songs that highlight a melodic blend of pop and folk music.

If you have never checked out the Weepies before I suggest you find them on Youtube and listen to some of their music. Or, better yet, I will embed a song below. The reason I initially got into this band was because their music stuck. It is innocuous, yes, but like the common cold (which I am currently suffering from) it is so damn catchy, or, better yet, infectious. Ever since becoming a pair, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen have created harmonious music. Their smooth voices effortlessly jump between somber and effervescent pieces.

The Weepies’ music is also marketable. It has been featured on several television shows, including Scrubs (where I first heard the Weepies), Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, etc. “Can’t Go Back Now,” which I will include below, was included in a campaign ad for now President Barack Obama (and it obviously was the sole reason he was elected to office).

Be My Thrill was released in August and has been seen as a success. Some songs even feature slight experimentation. The Weepies, though, are best in their niche, which they have mastered. Soft folk/pop is alive and well in their shows and as they continue on their first tour in four years, we will be meeting up with them to celebrate their great music.

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