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President’s Day Jam

20 Feb

Paste Magazine had a clever music-related idea for honoring the presidents on this President’s Day. They took each president’s term and matched it with a song that correctly related to said president. You can view all of the pairings here.

A fun commander-in-chief music game? Count me in. What else am I supposed to do on my day off? Now, of course, many songs can fit different presidencies, but I think the author did a good job establishing fun pairings. There were a few cop-out choices. Picking a song about specifically about the president to describe his candidacy is a little too convenient. But seriously, what better song describes President James K. Polk than the They Might Be Giants’ classic?

I don’t know what’s funnier; the song itself or the kids dancing.

For President Teddy Roosevelt, the writer chose an Elvis song, “Teddy Bear” because of obvious reasons (the Teddy Bear was/is important). But, come on, Teddy is known for being a presidential bad-ass; a big-game hunter and environmentalist who met adversity with pugnacious fortitude. Teddy Bear? Come on. He deserves something a cooler than that. Here’s my choice for the U.S.’ brash 26th president and one of our biggest patriots.

Pretty much a no-nonsense patriotic tune about the United States. It would obviously be anachronistic in Teddy’s time, but, I think it suits presidential passion well.

Best choice on the list?

Guess the president? Haha. I also liked the choice for President Obama. The author mentioned the temptation to pick “A Change is Going to Come” by Sam Cooke, which he did use in his campaign. I would also have been tempted by this particular version of “We Shall Overcome”:

What do you think are some good songs that represent presidents? Comment!

The Judgement of Social Media – More Beatles’ Auctions – Abbey Road

3 Jan

Justin Bieber is Loved by the Internet

Link: http://www.nme.com/news/justin-bieber/54412

According to the social media calculator Klout.com, Justin Bieber rules the web with an iron fist (more like a scrawny fist). Klout measures internet popularity by combining tweets, Google mentions, Facebook likes, and other web indicators. After analyzing the details you are given a score out of 100. 100 marks popularity. Bieber has a perfect score (most likely the only thing he has ever scored 100 on). That is more than President Barack Obama who scores 88 on the service. I have a score of 21! Yeah! I’m moving up in the world.

So, does this matter at all. No, of course not. It is simply a way to judge your internet popularity and if people searching or mentioning you matters for your psyche, then I guess this is important. (Mention me! I want better Klout!) But, in all honesty, most internet users have the attention span of a goldfish and clicking the mouse is the portal to the grand diversity of internet addiction. Seriously, you can probably get from this post to a rousing video of animals jumping on trampolines. That probably would have an awesome Klout score.


Beatles’ Auction…Again

Link: http://www.billboard.com/#/news/lennon-s-abbey-road-suit-sells-for-46k-in-1004137651.story

Wow. Another item of Beatles’ history was up for auction. Beatles’ items are being auctioned off faster than beanie babies used to sell. It seems that everyday I see another thing being sold. At Braswell Galleries’ annual New Year’s Day auction, John Lennon’s famous white suit which he wore on the Abbey Road, was sold to an anonymous bidder for $46,000. That is one expensive, ugly suit. Soon enough they will be selling grass from Lennon’s grave. Anything auctioneers can take from Lennon they will. Heck, they may even auction off Yoko.


McCartney talks Abbey Road

Here is a great video of Paul McCartney talking about his experiences recording music at Abbey Road during his Chaos and Creation at Studio 2. Here is some talking and a beautiful performance of “Friends to Go”

Weepies On The Morrow

4 Nov

Track 4 on the Weepies’ new album Be My Thrill sings that “I Was Made For Sunny Days.” According to the popular comedy show, it is always sunny in Philadelphia. That is where my friend Anthony and I will be traveling to see The Weepies perform tomorrow night at the World Cafe Live. And, such a coincidence can only be a fantastic omen for a night of chill songs that highlight a melodic blend of pop and folk music.

If you have never checked out the Weepies before I suggest you find them on Youtube and listen to some of their music. Or, better yet, I will embed a song below. The reason I initially got into this band was because their music stuck. It is innocuous, yes, but like the common cold (which I am currently suffering from) it is so damn catchy, or, better yet, infectious. Ever since becoming a pair, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen have created harmonious music. Their smooth voices effortlessly jump between somber and effervescent pieces.

The Weepies’ music is also marketable. It has been featured on several television shows, including Scrubs (where I first heard the Weepies), Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, etc. “Can’t Go Back Now,” which I will include below, was included in a campaign ad for now President Barack Obama (and it obviously was the sole reason he was elected to office).

Be My Thrill was released in August and has been seen as a success. Some songs even feature slight experimentation. The Weepies, though, are best in their niche, which they have mastered. Soft folk/pop is alive and well in their shows and as they continue on their first tour in four years, we will be meeting up with them to celebrate their great music.

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