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Fenech-Soler creates fresh sounds on second LP Rituals

10 Sep

Music can sometimes mess with your emotions. I have heard music that completely alters my mood just after hearing the opening chords. Fenech-Soler, fittingly, has the capacity to do this as well. Their second studio album, Rituals, makes for a great dance soundtrack to everyday life, given life’s daily twists and turns.


The sunrise of a fade in that starts the album should get you appropriately pumped for what’s to come. There are as many synths and bass lines as you could want, and I also very much appreciated the steel drums in numbers such as “In Our Blood.” The keyboard creates drama some of the tracks, coming to prominence in “Stonebridge,” the slowest track on the record. The vocals are excited and inspired; paired with the instrumentation, the record becomes infectious and inspiring. The songs vary from lighthearted tunes about falling in love to heavier tracks about losing it. Teenagers will probably label “Lies” as a power electro pop breakup song, because it is perfect the imaginary argument with an ex, shouting “LIES!” in his or her face. (It might catch on with Congressmen as well.) “Two Cities” closes Rituals, doing the whole album prior justice. The song encourages independence, (“We are all that we need!”), before coming to a guitar strum conclusion.

Rituals is out now. Find out more information about Fenech-Soler on their website.


27 Apr






(All photos from the show can be found here.)

After a (possibly too long) delay in posts, I’m happy to say I’m back. Midterm weeks were brutal, but I’m glad to say I made it out alive for the most part. A couple of months ago I found out that Fenech-Soler was coming to the states on their very first American tour, and I could not have been more excited. They’re an “electropop” band from Kings Cliffe, often compared to Friendly Fires and Delphic, incorporating synth, indie, and electronic elements into a collective sound. I think the world should know about this group, and their set was entirely too short that night, but nonetheless incredible. The show took place on April 3rd at The Westway, a converted gentleman’s club that still had the dancer’s platform in the middle of the stage. Needless to say, the lighting in this venue was a battle in itself, but I think I managed to get some cool pictures.

The first opener was a two person group called LOLO, with a powerful female lead and bass/keyboardist. She did an incredible cover of “Halo” by Beyoncé to close their set, and her vocals were absolutely amazing. Because Fenech-Soler wasn’t headlining, they were on next, playing a variety of songs from their latest album Rituals, as well as older classics from their 2010 self titled album. The group consists of four members, and their live performance was indistinguishable from their in studio recordings. They incorporated some really amazing rainbow lighting throughout their set, and I’m really pleased with how they were captured. The headliner for the evening was HOLYCHILD, another female fronted group from LA. They’ve been labeled as a top group to watch in 2014, and their set was high energy and very crowd interactive. I’ve waited quite a while for the moment where I would be able to see the incredible music of Fenech-Soler live, and can’t wait for them to make another trip to the US.


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