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Liebster Honor and An Admission of Failure — American Idol

23 Apr

I should read more blogs. I would be the first to admit that I do not read enough. One day soon, I am going to need to sit down and sign up for e-mail alerts to some blogs that I enjoy. This does not mean I do not read blogs or follow blogs. I read several blogs and I am thankful to those WordPress bloggers that read my blog. Today, I want to recognize two blog writers who nominated me for a Liebster award.

A Leibster award can be bestowed upon a blog of fewer than 200 followers which the person deems worthy for consideration. I was extremely satisfied to get notice that I was nominated for the award from two blog writers.

A Gripping Life and Is It Possible to See It All

These blogs are among those I read daily. John, of Is It Possible to See It All, also runs The Real Canadian Music Blog which I follow with more fervor because, well, it’s musical. I strongly urge you all to follow these blogs. The variety of content is refreshing and the writing is passionate and humorous. And I promise that from this point further I will make more of an effort to follow and read other blogs.

This, though, was not my admission of failure. For failure we must travel into reality television where my American Idol “favorite” was ousted from the show last week. Yes, Colton Dixon, the skunk-haired alt/punk rocker had two bad back-to-back nights. It started with two uninspiring performances on Tuesday night and concluded with a bottom two appearance and a sharp goodbye. Ouch! For me, it was like what happened with Michigan St. in this year’s March Madness tournament. They were a weak #1 seed but I picked them to go all the way (to be a little different) and they were beaten rather quickly. So it goes.

For my next prediction, I guarantee that all four of these individuals will be in it to the end.

What did I miss? I thought Colton was drawing a straight voting base. What I mean by this is that no other contestant was stealing votes away from him. I was clearly wrong. I see now that Colton was competing with Mr. Calculi, Phil Phillips. Not only did he have kidney stones, but also he sort-of sings like he is always passing stones. I say this in jest. Phillips is talented and drawing votes from the “13-year-old girl population” and the “more sophisticated musically inclined viewers.” I thought Colton had this vote! I was wrong! There is my admission of failure. Let’s move on.

We are at the top 6 and I have reached that point of the American Idol season where I am pretty much sick of every singer. We know their acts. We know their limits (or lack thereof when it comes to vocal wunderkind Jessica Sanchez and preacher Joshua Ledet). We know the judges will be effusively positive. We know Randy Jackson will be unintelligible and then reveal his incredible stock of music knowledge. The performances will not surprise us…except when it comes to the rock n’ roll stoneman Phillips. I have grown to like his grunty modesty. It is certainly much more admirable than Elise Testone’s annoying arrogance.

If I had to make another prediction, I’d say Phillips wins the show now. He is like Casey of last year except better looking and not as jazzy weird. We are obsessed with hipster in the United States and he fits that description well. Who will compete with him? Let’s eliminate some. Hollie Cavanagh needs to go. She is now outclassed by the remaining stock of singers. She will be out this week. Jessica Sanchez will need to overcome the curse of the save to go to the end. No one “saved” by the judges has made it further than two additional rounds (something like this). Now we are looking at Ledet and Laine. I just don’t see gospel winning again, BUT country can win every year and, well, Skylar Laine is a country gal.

The final two should be Sanchez and Ledet if it came to pure singing (which it doesnt), but, if we take into account the way this country votes for American Idol contestants I would not be surprised to see Phillips vs. Laine. The ultimate winner?

This guy:

A Mid-Season American Idol Review – Do We Have a Winner?

12 Apr

There are few certainties. Among them are death, taxes, and American Idol. Idol is on its 11th season and I am still actively watching it and, now, writing about it. There is something to be said for this odd devotion. It probably wouldn’t be a flattering comment. But there is a reason we all keep coming back to the show. Is this year’s stock of singers excellent. No. There are a few gems like always, but eventually the act wears thin, you narrow the group to 2-3, and you wait until one of them takes home the crown and attempts to avoid falling into obscurity like many of their predecessors. This is American Idol and we are down to the top seven, a good point for us to review the season thus far and make a top three prediction.

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah, here. https://musiccourtblog.com/2012/03/02/american-idol-season-11-top-13-thoughts-and-predictions/

Let’s do a little copy and paste work. In that post I wrote, “out of the diverse group of male performers, I will pick Colton Dixon, Phil Phillips, and Josh Ledet as my three best…out of the females, and this one is a bit easier because of what I see as a larger disparity between good and forgettable, I pick Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone, and Skylar Lane”

After last nights performances, I think that Hollie Cavanagh will be gone after a sub-par performance of “Perfect” by Pink and that will leave us with the top six I mentioned above back on March 2. American Idol voters like symmetry. The season has been predictable thus far. The good performers shine weekly and the performers with less ability get left behind. I credit the voting populace for being so accurate. I guess after 11 years of this, America is sick of keeping in performers who are simply not good enough. Kudos!

Choosing the top three is difficult. I can actually envision a scenario where any combination of the top six (supposing it falls the way I think it will) makes it into the top three. Let’s start with my one lock for a spot in the top three.

Jessica Sanchez

Let’s say this in Randy lexicon. “Dude, she is in it to win it.” Look. Jessica is a vocal prodigy. She was when she tried out for America’s Got Talent five years ago, and she still is in her teenage years. Her voice is spectacular – jam-packed with a rich sincerity that combines with tremendous pipes and an ear for difficult vocal runs. The girl can sing her heart out and then do it again five minutes later. I don’t believe she has ever been close to the bottom in the vote pool and, right now, it seems like smooth sailing into the finals.

The other two, though, are quite difficult to pick. Well, actually, only one spot is difficult for me because my winner is not Jessica Sanchez. Elise may be bound for sixth place but I am convinced that the judges will save her if she is voted out because they seem to desperately want her to stick (think Haley last year). I think the top three may feature only one vocal powerhouse so that will leave Josh Ledet behind. I think his talent is out-of-control at times and there is no denying he can sing, but, the other two powerful gospel singers to win this show have not done very well in the industry and I think that the public recognizes this and will crave more diversity…unless we are talking country music.

Have you noticed that the majority of remaining contestants are from down South. Do not underestimate how popular this show is with the southern American populace. Now, I’m not saying that everyone down south loves country music, but, well, a lot of people love country music down south. That brings us to Skylar Laine. Skylar or Phil? Skylar or Phil? It can go either way. I am going to go with my gut on this one and while this may be the unpopular choice, I’m choosing Skylar here. Is Phil good enough to win the whole thing, yes. But I just see the country star following the Scotty/Laura path to the top three. And I can’t go against my pick to win.

Colton Dixon

Proof that Jennifer Lopez is an idiot? She asked for more song in her criticism (despite giving this candid performance rave reviews). More song? NO! Are you serious? Not everything can have driving hip/hop beats and dancing. Colton turned a hip/hop song into a raw piano piece that displayed his voice to perfection. He nailed his notes and proved that he can manipulate songs and identify with them. Colton strikes me as an alt/pop performer who projects as an Augustana-like performer. While American Idol is trying to play it off like Colton is competing with Phil for votes I think that is inaccurate. If I had to guess, Phil and Elise (like Haley and Casey) split votes; Jessica, Josh, and to a lesser extent, Hollie split; and Colton and Skylar have their own independent voting grouping. Will it be enough to propel these two to final three? We will see.

Top 3

Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Colton Dixon

Top 2

Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon


Colton Dixon

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