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Who Do You Think Will Win The X Factor – Poll Results – The Crow Elimination

12 Dec

So where are we now...


Here are the results in no particular order (X Factor joke – funny, ha?). Around a week ago I put up a poll on the blog asking the question: Who Will Ultimately Win the X Factor? You can vote in the continuing poll here. We have the results. And they are telling.

UPDATE (12/15) – We are back to a tie. Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene have five votes. Melanie is in third with three votes. Both Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow (ELIMINATED) received zero votes. Look for a post tomorrow on the top three. The voting is tight and I believe this is telling of the entire competition. It also demonstrates why last week’s over-the-top emotional roller coaster is/was unnecessary.

Last week, as you should know by now if you follow the show with any diligence, Rachel Crow, the vibrant and jocular teenager with the spirit of an actress and a mature voice, was ousted from the show. She was up against Marcus Canty, the blissful – almost intoxicated – faithful R&B singer with solid chops. It is safe to say that most thought Canty was on his way out. He had been in the bottom two of vote getters (which comes down to a sing-off and a final judges vote) for straight weeks. This was Rachel Crow’s first appearance in the bottom two. It came down to the maudlin and (I’m going Yiddush) schmaltzy hip/hop artist/judge Nicole Scherzinger, who, while being unequivocally hot, is starting to really get on my nerves. She sent it into deadlock. It would come down to America’s votes. The lowest vote getter was Crow and in response she collapsed on the stage crying. Nicole was actually booed on stage when host Steve Jones asked for her opinion. She too looked sickly.

The whole ordeal seemed fake to me. It smelt like a soap opera. Crow, a budding actress, played the part of the grief-stricken contestant exceptionally well. But perhaps this is just the cynic in me. She was eliminated though and Marcus remains for another week. The question really is, does this matter at all. The simple answer is no.

Yes, it made good television and ratings are essential, but, this following week will almost inevitably see the end of Canty’s run and, like the Music Court voting suggests, the remaining three will be Rene, Amaro, and Krajcik. Who will win? I stand by my prediction from the beginning. It will be Chris Rene. Can I see Amaro or Krajcik taking home the $5 million prize, though? The answer to that is a strong yes. Anyway you look at it, the X Factor has some tricks up its sleeves, so continue watching this gaudy singing competition, because, even if you are not a fan of the singers, the drama is titillating/

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