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Worst Music of the Week – “Roar” by Katy Perry

1 Sep
Turn it of. Turn it off!

Turn it of. Turn it off!

The content on this website focuses almost entirely on melodious music. We are melody freaks at the Music Court. It makes sense, doesn’t it? We are a music blog? Why would you all want to read about terrible tunes? Well…for all of those who are self-deprecating or interested in a few cheap laughs, welcome to the brand new Music Court category – Worst Music of the Week. And what’s the best way to introduce this category? With Katy Perry’s new single, of course!

Yes, this gem is #2 on the charts right now, and it is barking on the door of Billboard Top Hit. Why? Well, an obsessively devoted fan base can do that for you. But, still, popularity is by no means a metric of a “good song.” While my judgments are inherently subjective, I can safely say that “Roar” is a cruddy song. I will look beyond the claims that “Roar” is particularly similar to “Brave” by Sara Bareilles because, let’s be honest, most songs today sound alike.

Here is my issue with the song. It immediately gives off the feel of a cheesy reproduction of a OneRepublic song. Not to mention, at around 0:30, Perry’s vocal sounds conspicuously like “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. The constant percussion and keyboard stroke is just so conventional and easy. Look, I understand it makes money, but, come on, put a little bit of effort into the verse. The culmination of electronic instruments at the chorus is simply lazy and overdone. If not for Perry’s changing vocal inflection when she sings roar in the chorus,  the chorus sounds like, I don’t know, just about most other Katy Perry songs. Do songwriters think the mainstream public will just eat up everything it vomits out like a confused dog? Well…yeah, because it does. It’s not difficult to pass a successful song through the Billboard charts today. Catchy, consistent beat. Choral climax. A ridiculous repetitive bridge with rising moans, and a final diapason of choral repetition – numerous overlaid tracks of the singer repeating the chorus. It’s pop music 101. Does that mean it’s bad? Not necessarily. It’s just that this particular Katy Perry single is such reproduced garbage that it needs to be knocked down a peg. The single is catchy and simple, though, and it comes to no surprise that when packaged with Perry it is a huge hit and the new flavor of the week among the tween population.

And the lyrics…

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter,
dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and
You’re gonna hear me ROAR

I will say that they are at least positive and motivational. Gosh, though, the lyric is impressively corny. Like scribbled down while watching a 80’s Rocky sequel corny. Heck, it could be worse. It could be Miley Cyrus twerking.


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