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Amy Winehouse Dies At 27

23 Jul

News broke today that singer Amy Winehouse died in her London residence today. At age 27, she joins the ranks of Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix and Cobain, all of who experienced their untimely death at this age. Winehouse was known for her self-destructive persona. Her first major hit single “Rehab” embraced this. For years, her habits and vices were brutally lampooned by the media. Now, the same outlets that celebrated her tragic downfall must gather at least some reverence for Winehouse’s talent.

Though she was popularly chastised as sloppy and implosive, Winehouse made some indisputable contributions to the music scene. In an overwhelming backdrop of pop friendly female artists, she drew upon the classics, helping to bring soul back to mainstream consciousness. During her short moment, Winehouse helped chip away at the mold of what women should look or sound like. Her success was a harbinger for that of Adele, Corrine Baily Rae, Duffy and others.

While the cause of Winehouse’s death is not yet know, it is clear that she was dealing with some heavy demons. Whether her torment was the result of media bullying or bleak insecurity the most tragic aspect of her death is that she will never create new music again.

Here’s my favorite Winehouse song, Tears Dry on Their Own

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