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Jermaine Jones Disqualified from American Idol

14 Mar

So here is the skinny. Jermaine Jones, the deep-voiced loveable giant in the top 12 of American Idol, was reportdely disqualified from the show for undisclosed criminal charges in 2011. According to TMZ (per Yahoo), Jermaine was “charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice stemming from a fight at at a Howard Johnson Hotel in New Jersey, and was later charged after a separate incident for hindering apprehension and giving false information to avoid self-discovery. He was also supposedly arrested for having four outstanding warrants (three for driving on a suspended license, one for disorderly conduct with an open container). Jermaine allegedly gave fake names to the police in both cases.” 

Check out the Yahoo article here for more information. Like I said, this is just a report, though Jermaine’s American Idol assigned Twitter feed has vanished and reliable sources are stating that this shocker will be revealed in a highly emotional Idol.

Lyndsey Parker made a great point in her Yahoo article. It has been echoed by several loyal Idol watchers. This all seems way too “reality” television to us. Think of Survivor and Big Brother. That is “reality” television. While both shows play it off that they have no large impact on the participants, everyone knows this is a complete lie. A show only survives if it has viewers and viewers are quite vocal. Talent competitions, like American Idol, have hopefully been without manipulation because the producers put the viewership in charge. That’s what makes these shows better, in my opinion.

BUT…when an individual is disqualified, well, things change. Here is my (and everyone elses) question. You’re telling me that they didn’t know about Jermaine’s past (AT ALL) throughout. It’s not like he committed a crime in 2004. This was LAST YEAR! Did he commit the crime in between trying out and going to Hollywood? The producers of American Idol are not stupid. They do background checks. This would have come up (you would think). Okay, fine, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they didn’t find out until they did another round of testing for the live top 24. But surely then (before putting an apparently violent dude prone to outbursts) on live television, they would have found out). And, there my viewers, is the conspiracy.

Remember, Jermaine was the shocking judges choice – a rare 13th individual in the usual top 12. He was beloved by fans – an imposing offensive lineman (the gentle giant) in the midst of other singers. His croon was elegant and candid. Did American Idol play up Jermaine’s persona just to reveal that he is getting kicked off the show. AND, apparently they have the outburst (which Jermaine understandably had – unless they filled him in on the plan and told him to act for an undisclosed amount of cash and publicity). It will air tonight on American Idol. Can’t you just hear Ryan Seacrest saying it? This, in my opinion, is an example of “reality” television. It is as fake as the Kim Kardashian wedding. It will be extravagant and the producers of the show are crossing their fingers it will assist the spotty show ratings.

It’s not like I was going to miss the show anyway, but, I will be watching. But, come on, I know they are lying through their teeth.

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