Drake’s “Thank Me Later”

3 Aug

Hey there guys,


Have y’all heard Drake’s newest album yet? Its been out for a while now, and his tracks, including non-released singles, have been all over hip hop stations. Seriously, I think that New York’s Hot 97 plays the same handful of Drake songs and re-mixes on a loop.

I love Drake’s “Thank Me Later” because it highlights his full range of skill. Drake (who records his verses by reading them off of his Blackberry) sings and raps, blurring the distinctions between each discipline.

Not to mention some of the songs are really infections. At first “Find Your Love’ struck me as kind of monotone and over-simplified, but after a couple of listens the hook of Drake’s rhythm was downright addictive.

Drake also demonstrates his personality as an artist. You really feel as though, despite the millions of other listeners, Drake is speaking directly to you. His lyrics come out genuine and even charmingly witty (“But do I ever come up in discussion over double pump latte’s
and low fat muffin’s?”)

My fav tracks off of “Thank Me Later” have to be, in no particular order, “Thank Me Now”, “Over”, “Up All Night” (feat Nicki Minaj) and “Light Up” (feat Jay Z)

Overall, Drake’s “Thank Me Later” is definitely  great background music to a tough workout or party 🙂

One Response to “Drake’s “Thank Me Later””

  1. Andy Rogers August 5, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    guess, this music sounds tough and good only for party people. anyway, good luck on making more music like this.

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