The No-No Song Directed At Finals

12 Dec

Hey. This book is inspiring. It's about an octapus

You see Ringo, this is exactly what I don’t want to do. I wonder if he was reading a work by Chopin or Hawthorne. Maybe we can get together for a joint study session on visions of reality in both author’s works. Okay, probably not. But, right now I am sympathetic to one of Ringo’s songs especially. That’s right folks. One of Ringo’s songs. Well, it is not really Ringo’s song but he sure did make it famous. The song is his 1974 hit “The No No Song.” It skyrocketed to #1 in Canada and #3 in the U.S. It’s a dumb song, I know, but right now if we take some creative liberty with the lyric, it does express some of my Fall semester finals woe.

The No No Song was originally written by Hoyt Axton and David Jackson. Axton is one of those famous songwriters who never gets enough credit even though he penned several hits. “Joy to the World”? Axton. “The Pusher”? Axton. “Heartbreak Hotel”? Well, his mother actually co-wrote that one.

Here is Ringo’s version:

It’s trippy and really odd. Like seriously weird. I kind of feel scarred, maybe dirty, after watching it. Anyway, let’s focus on the chorus:

“And I said no-no-no-no, I don’t ___ no more, I’m tired of waking up on the floor. No thank you please, it only makes me sneeze. Then it makes it hard to find the door”

The blank portion can be filled in with anything you like. In the context of the song it is an action that relates to the drug Ringo mentions in the verse prior. In the context of my post, let’s put study. So, studying makes me sneeze and makes it hard to find the door? Sure, why not. Honestly, I think I am ready for my Tuesday final right now, but back to studying I go just to make sure. Wish me luck and I will be home, back to posting on a regular schedule, Wednesday. I may have a post for you tomorrow. Keep posted


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