Violent Femmes Want Love

8 Apr

Violent Femmes

When one hears Indie Rock, he/she immediately thinks of the plethora of eclectic music that crowds the airwaves today. Violent Femmes has a lot to do about that sound you hear; the band served as a major forerunner to Indie music that bent genres and refused to give into mainstream sounds. Violent Femmes, who has developed a tremendous fan-base that can’t really be termed cult, is on the comeback train, releasing its first new music in 15 years – a 4-track EP – on April 18. The EP, HAPPY NEW YEAR, was recorded this past New Year’s Eve in Hobart, Tasmania, after the band performed a sold-out concert at the Sydney Opera House.

The EP is highlighted by a cover of Jake Brebes track entitled “Love Love Love Love Love,” a gritty track that highlights one of the Femmes’ greatest strengths – creative eccentricity. The Femmes, who returned to action in 2013 with a renowned Coachella performance, will now tour the new EP (as well as all the old stuff) as a guest on The Barenaked Ladies’ “Last Summer On Earth 2015” tour. That’s a killer show.

The track has a neat edginess, which is amplified by the eery percussion and jazzy, deep horns. Gordon Gano’s voice has always been something special, and it is in full force with this track, which feels like it might be out of a quirky HBO crime drama. It is exactly what I would expect from the Femmes first release in years – different and infectiously unsettling. For a song about “love all around me,” there is definitely a little malicious intent hidden beneath the surface, and this, magnified by the dirty sax solo at the end, is excellent!

Great new release. Keep tabs on the Femmes on the website or on Facebook or Twitter.

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