Top 10 Songs of 2015: #10 – Kissing by LUM

16 Dec


The first installment of our Best Of list has earned its spot purely by virtue of being the song I played the most this year. “Kissing” is a multi-faceted song, and every single tiny detail has forced me to play it incessantly.

“Kissing” is a glitchy tune that fills my spirit with some aural ooze, music that I can feel in my core. There are shimmering moments throughout; at one point we hear something I can only describe as a processed glockenspiel riff. This is one of those tracks that puts a grin on my face after I hear just the first few notes, with a lo-fi, attention-stealing intro that easily slides into a gorgeous cacophony by way of an unusual verse. The verses in this track are really more like short quips of commentary, but the more ambiguous, the more relatable, which could be another reason that I cling to it.

One thing most of the tracks I play on infinite repeat have in common is their singability- or how well I can approximate the noises that are lyrics so I can sing along. LUM may not have provided full lyrics like, say, Joanna Newsom, but there are so many audio clips used as part of the beats that it doesn’t matter. I find myself belting “huh huh huh” and “whoooa whoa” with the same enthusiasm as I might have sung “got it got it” last year.

LUM is a Canadian electronic artist on the label Bedroomer, but I have been unable to find many other details about him. He’s got a fairly current Instagram account, but there is only so much I can gather from out-of-context photos. He has a mustache! Other than that, all we have are beats. But if I had to, I could live on those for years.

Track Bedroomer to get updates on new sounds from LUM.

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