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Seen, but also heard: Trails and Ways, Waterstrider, and Harriet Brown

10 Jun

Trails and Ways. Their visuals were synesthetic; that is, the colors danced with the music in real time.

Last Saturday, the Bootleg was host to a twee dream come true. It was a packed house and stacked lineup, with LA’s up-and-coming R&B producer Harriet Brown, and Bay area rising stars Waterstrider and Trails and Ways. Bruises were sustained during the show’s grand finale, though none of the band was injured; it’s never a dull moment in this city of angels. Continue reading

Out of sight, out of music: Filardo, Winter, and Sales

2 Mar

I really wish there were more lights to illuminate Sales a little better.

If I were ever to become famous, I think I’d be like Sales. They played to a riled crowd at the Echo in LA last Tuesday, and couldn’t disguise how grateful they were for all the support.

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Seeing is Believing: Body Language and Sego

26 Feb
Body Language 1

Body Language at the Echo

Last time I saw Sego, I told you guys about it. I checked to see when they would be playing next, knowing I pretty much have my pick of east LA venues; they’re based here, so they play around the city a lot. I found their next show at the Echo, opening for Body Language. That sounded great, but for some reason I had relatively low expectations for the show; sure, I loved Sego, but I’ve seen them a couple times already, and how good could Body Language really be? Call me a pessimist. (Later I found out, Body Language is actually known for being an incredible live band. D’oh.) Turns out both bands more than exceeded my expectations, and this show has become one of my all-time favorites.

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I went, I saw, I listened: Sego

23 Jan
There's a 'g' behind Petersen, I promise. S-E-G-O

There’s a ‘g’ behind him, I promise. S-E-G-O.

I have been to a number of concerts in the short amount of time that I’ve so far resided in LA, but I seem to always find my way back to the Bootleg Hifi. This past Monday I was drawn in by local apathetic indie rockers, Sego.

Sego has a brand of indie rock that is influenced heavily by their demeanor, and they come off as chill and carefree millennials. Vocals by lead singer Spencer Petersen are often only a step above glottal fry, but in their most notable track “20 Years Tall,” they bounce playfully with the bass and blah blah blah blahs. Petersen and drummer Thomas Carroll are the founders of Sego, and they have created a mighty beast of genre-defying musicianship. “20 Years Tall,” both recorded and live, is a testament to what kind of band Sego is, a loud and exciting yet monotone and contemplative one. Sego isn’t without its playful tracks, though, “False Currency” being one of my favorites, though that may have a lot to do with how much I love the lyric video they made. (Musta been hard to make with two righties.)

As far as their set at the Bootleg, I couldn’t have been more satisfied. I enjoyed the delicate melody that lead into “Wicket Youth” and of course chanting along with “Engineer Amnesia” (the latter of which gave me Modest Mouse goosebumps). The group is tight onstage, evidence of the amount of shows they’ve played in the past year to gear up for their big break. They will be playing a whole bunch more soon, like with Body Language in February in a few cities along the west coast. Get your tickets here.

Their Wicket Youth EP is out now. For more information on Sego, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is an anti-guitar stands show.

This show was strictly anti-guitar stands.

Heard it with mine own two ears: Alex Clare

4 Dec

If you follow the Music Court on Twitter, you probably already know that I attended a concert on Monday night.* It was fun, and the crowd was very much alive and rocking with Alex Clare and his talented band.

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