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ALYA’s Experimental Sound In 10 Years of Solitude Makes A Statement

20 Apr

ALYA’s Ten Years of Solitude sounds like the underrated movie soundtrack score that people cannot stop talking about after a lackluster cinematic experience. Born in Russia, musician Alya Michelson carries a wordly sound that only contributes to her powerful vibe. If her listeners think that she is solely musically talented, they will not be surprised that a classically trained ballerina, performance artist, painter, and multi-linguist accompany her musician title. Something that should be noted about this album is that all profits from it will go towards the Naked Heart Foundation directly helping kids with special needs and learning disabilities, led by Natalya Vodyanova. When listening to her music, the talent that lies within her vocally is immediately heard. Singers whose voices her audience may find similarities between include Gwen Stefani, Amy Lynn Hartzler of Evanescence, and Amanda Palmer. Her sound has a mixture of theatre, vaudeville undertones, and Eastern European elements. ALYA’s music has received recognition as well being named Best Music Video: Animals by the California Women’s Film Festival and Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. Through her raw energy and vessel of a voice, ALYA is off to a great start with her music in 2019.

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Galapaghost Takes Listeners Through Time Traveling Dreams In Album Sootie

29 Sep

Upon first listening to Galapaghost, the sense and vibe of 90s rock runs through Sootie. Standout tracks on the album include Bedtime and Jellyghost. Bedtime has synthy waves and tones of 90s rock. On the other end of the spectrum, Jellyghost has similar musical qualities of Bedtime, but it has more free form instrumentals and tones. With lyrics that point out the routine nuances of life, it carries an out of this world experience. Listeners will find that the music on this album sounds similar to the Islands, The Shins, and the Unicorns. Galapaghost showcases Casey Chandler’s talents from a 360 view. From personal tracks to the organic nature of the album Sootie, this should be on everyone’s must listen to list for 2018.

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Hot Rumours Fuels The Soul With Run To Me

9 Mar



Hot Rumours presents their sound with unlimited effortlessness. Fueling the song’s soundRun to Me, it carries the undertones of rock and roll, angst, and the spirit of authentic feelings. Hailing from Frankie Siragusa, most known for working with members of acclaimed groups such as The Decemberists, Reggie Watts, and REM, Hot Rumours brings the vocalist Aaron Ficchi’s sound into a genre of sophistication and the epitome of brilliant music making. Within the track, Run To Me, it carries deep metaphors as well with lyrics such as “everytime you wake up to someone else, you drive yourself alone”. While Run To Me gives us a glimpse into their debut EP, listeners will be thrilled to know that a West Coast exclusive tour will be in the works for summer, simply spreading the sound of Hot Rumours to ears filled with anticipation.

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Dancing with the undertow

8 Apr

All art comes from a thought, or more likely a series of thoughts. Though not all happy ideas turn into happy art, the new video from Idea the Artist doesn’t seem to worry too much about that. Teeming with pastels and watercolors, “Seafloor” takes “art rock” to a new level.

Idea the Artist is Inés Beltranena, a folktronica musician from San Francisco, though I wouldn’t limit her artistry to music. Yes, the slow pull of “Seafloor”’s rhythm is enchanting, but so is the watercolor and pastel sketches on which the visuals of the video are based. This is the title track to her newest album, a collection of songs meant to inspire in the wake of her own personal hardships. Though her struggles were hers to bear, she shares her feats with us; says Beltranena, “this is my expression about all struggles, and all triumphs, not just my own.”

Seafloor is out now. For more information on Idea the Artist, visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Bells Atlas drop new single, promise new EP

1 Apr

Bells Atlas

I’m not-so-secretly a cynic at heart. Good thing there are groups like Bells Atlas that make me question my nature. Everything about them is fresh and original, starting with their latest track, “Future Bones.”

Bells Atlas cultivate a mysterious truth in their muted-tropical indie rock. The vocals from Sandra Lawson-Ndu follow a rhythm that usually only groups as quirky as Dirty Projectors could pull off, and the lyrics themselves seem fairly bizarre. The song begins, “If future takes me to find our bones/ I’ll mold them together/ and desert this form,” continuing on with overarching themes involving appreciation of the First Law of Thermodynamics. “The lyrics ask the question, ‘What do our future bones look like if our spirits are able to design our bodies?’” the band explains of the nature of the song. Sounds like a riddle to me, but I’m not concerned about solving it. As they tell me, I’m the island and the ocean that surrounds it, and I’m perfectly fine with that. 

“Future Bones” will be on Bells Atlas’s next EP, Hyperlust, which you can pre-order here. For more information on Bells Atlas, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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