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Songs From The Briarpatch By Will Jackson Creates Music You Will Want To Drive To

17 Aug

Upon listening to Songs From The Briarpatch, listeners are enveloped in the warm energy of his songs. A winning mix between Americana and Classic Rock, Will Jackson does an amazing job of creating a musical atmosphere that listeners enjoy settling in on. Hailing from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, there is a Carolina vibe that runs through this album. A combo of easy listening and beach rock makes this album traditional and modern all in one. Stand out guitar riffs on the track Good Enough show the wide range of Jackson’s sound and arrangement on that track without a doubt. Throughout the album, there is quite a number of tracks that intertwine life messages, lessons, and stories along the journey. Jackson’s voice makes listeners want to hop in their car and drive.

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My Kind of Woman By Marty Thompson Gives Listeners A Dose of Texas Rock

26 May

Marty Thompson’s latest album My Kind of Woman channels everything you could ever want in a post-punk and psych rock crossover collaboration. With the album having textured synths and a dash of beach rock in their sound as well, Thompson excels at listener’s mind going on a vacation to think about the idea of surfing and relaxing on a beach somewhere. When thinking about the influences and where Thompson hailed, he cites Texas Rock and Psych-Country as being big inspirations. Although a dedicated love of music has always had Thompson involved with the idea of becoming a musician, he released his first solo album in 2015. Over the course of a lifetime, he has created over 200 pieces of original work and his live music has accumulated a total of 300 recordings. Standout tracks from the album include My Kind of Woman, complete with all the angst and grit needed in a rock song. Thompson not only characterizes everything from a country rock star, but he channels the rock and grit needed to make it as a musician.
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American High Revisits The Millennium In Album U.N. Article 14

25 Jan

American High epitomizes everything I ever wanted in a band growing up in California walking alongside the boardwalks of Malibu. In my dreams, I always wished that the above was true and American High teleports me to that parallel universe fantasy. U.N. Article 14 carries just the right amount of punk angst, the mystery tones of 90s music, and the beach rock vibes of the guitar and drums. Listeners will find similarities in their sound with The Mountain Goats, Wavves, and the early sounds of The Flaming Lips. The wonderful combination of those familiar bands within the genre of alternative Indie Rock add to the exemplary sound of American High. With lyrics from the song Test Pilot such as “so I’ve got to leave you, tonight away from everything and everyone’s face again”, the tone of angst is present with beautiful lyrical metaphors intertwined throughout. Overall, from start to finish American High fulfills their audience’s need for a revival of the 90s music standard that makes us all want to jump around like we are attending our first house show and start moshing around to that first beat of the drumsticks and the strums of the guitar strings.

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