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Chotto-Ghetto Charges Up The Idea of Sci-Fi Themed Album WILDFIRE

29 Feb

If you are confused at all processing what you have listened to with WILDFIRE tuned up ready to go, you are not alone. With mashups of audio that mash up political messages with narration, Chotto-Ghetto creates an atmosphere of another world. When mixing elements of Coheed and Cambria and the classic punk heavy rock of Mars Volta, Chotto Ghetto makes themselves distinguished in the post-hardcore punk metal genre. Even the idea around the album is conceptually based on the idea of finding a black box from a scientific experiment gone wrong. Some standout tracks on the album include The Work which narrows in on the idea of simulation and this other world. The track has alot of mixed audio, heavy progressive metal instrumentals, and a dash of percussion overload as well. The band has been together for 15 years, and this is their third album release. No surprise here to know they have played the infamous punk festival called the Fest for a 6th time. Additionally, they have gone on tour with well-known acts like Bomb The Music Industry, Jeff Rossenstock, and Anti-Flag.

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The Magical Voice of XI.ME.NA Channels The Force of Motherhood In Before You

18 Feb

Upon first listening to the EP Before You, you will hear the magical voice of XI.ME.NA and immediately get transfixed on it. Inspired by her becoming a mother, the music of the art pop singer shows she has a wide range of vocal diversity as well. Some of the songs on the EP, audiences would classify as easy listening mixed with electronica music. With just four songs on the album, one that stands out is the song Before You, centered around the life’s pondering of who she was before the birth of her son. The track takes a reflective, yet raw look at the artist and how this significant life event blends into her music making. If you want to close your eyes, and be taken on a storytelling journey, take a listen to XI.ME.NA.

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A Planet Without Atmosphere From Galapaghost Channels Reflective Energy That Has Listeners Swim In Their Thoughts

30 Jan

When you listen to A Planet WIthout An Atmosphere, you will close your eyes and imagine everything that Galapaghost sings about. The music is characterized by a synth tone that is almost church hymn like and has instrumental qualities you hear in an orchestra. Completely produced by himself, Galapaghost expresses himself 100% on his terms. From the beginning of the album to the end, audiences will hear how he intertwines these unique aspects of his music paired with his moody, but meaningful lyrics. The track Mirage sounds like a melody that would be heard on an underwater swimming expedition and would have a listener tracing their fingertips on the water reflecting with the light as they listened. The entrancement and reflectiveness that Galapaghost embeds in his music makes it full of levels of extraordinary greatness. 

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Mirage From A Planet Without Atmosphere




Siren By Resurrection Fern Lures Listeners In With Elements of Nature & Truth

13 Jan

With the Siren channeling their call out to sailors at sea, Resurrection Fern knows exactly how to lure them back in. Earlier this year, we saw two other singles released, this one culminates the EP. The online communities of have helped aid in the popularity of her and her music. Channeling her self expression and music making for the past three years, has not only built an audience and fan base, but also has been a consistent venue for her and her music to live in virtually. Her debut album, Beyond The Trees released back in October 2018 further supports that with her fans, she was able to have that collection of music released with the support of listeners. The fascinating aspect about her music is that it waves back and forth between the realm of new wave music, but still along the lines of experimental ambient. Thinking about genres and vocalist sounds, Resurrection Fern sounds raw and unfiltered. Listeners can categorize the genres of her music as everything ranging from experimental to acoustic. Lyrically the single channels nonstop storytelling themes and elements of nature are throughout the song as well; maybe a storm is what it takes to make me free not only personifies the storm, but gives a heavy statement to reflect on in the ethereal world Resurrection Fern has us escape too.

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