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Enter A Whole New World In FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE With Patrick Grant’s Newest Album

24 Sep

When people hear remakes, sequels, or redos of any kind, most likely the first reaction that will come out of this will be an eye roll or a defiant, you can’t get better than the first one. For this album, the remake is an extension of the original.Composer Patrick Grant has remade his FIELDS AMAZE album with a newly titled collection called FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music after 20 years and it sounds superb. Listeners should clear a space and not be distracted, as listening to the album under anything other than these conditions will not give Grant the credit he deserves with this wonderful masterpiece. From certain tracks that are mostly simply piano to the complex ones that have a variety of piano overtures, musicians, music aficionados, and the piano connoisseur will all express the sentiments of satisfaction after listening to Grant’s newest creation. The album is set to release October 1st, so eager audiences will have to wait a little bit longer, but in the meantime can listen to his previously released album, A Sequence of Waves (twelve stories and a dream). With a mixture of homages to 60s and 70s cinema and the traditional piano overtures, Grant excels at arranging all of these tracks into more than a remake, but rather a collection of new tracks.

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A Sequence of Waves (twelve stories and a dream)


We Are The Catalyst Wows With Newest Single Predators

23 Sep

Upon first listening to We Are The Catalyst, the single Predators sets the baseline for listener’s expectations. A mixture of heavy grunge, metal, and rock all embody the musical genre qualities of their music. With lyrics such as “your love embrace, our empty faith” carry more meaning than your typical standalone lyric. References are made about the afterlife, faith, and fighting to win any battle that comes your way. If this single is an adequate representation of their album Ephemeral set to release in 2019, listeners will not be disappointed. Similar groups that sound similar to We Are The Catalyst, include Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, and Pretty Reckless. Not only does the band wow with their developed sound, but the combination of the lyrical and musical talent make them stand out even further.

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Tropic Tells The Narrative of Memories & Heartbreak In EP Bittersweet

31 Aug

Take one listen to Bittersweet by Tropic and you will see why listeners can get entranced. Reminiscent of 90s R&B and hip hop, this band sounds like Boyz II MenLuther Vandross, and Michael Jackson all in one. With lyrics that connect to the heart, “I can’t seem to get enough, I know a little goes a long way” all point to the concept of a suitor with a guarded heart. With a mixture of synth, finger snaps, and just the right amount of beat variance, Tropic stands out by combining the retro feel of classic R& B with the new age influences of electro genius. The standout EP has tracks that surge through the feelings of past and present. Overall, Tropic crafts a story from beginning to finish with all the perfect points of emotions as an added bonus.

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Liar For A Muse Tells The Stories of Life & Love Through The Voice of Ben DeLaurentis

16 Aug

Liar For A Muse enchants listeners with Ben DeLaurentis’s smooth and sultry voice. Throughout the album, raw emotions and his vivid storytelling highlights the qualities of his acoustic Americana. A standout track, Fill In The Blanks has poignant revealing lyrics such as  “I’ll fill your mouth with words that you’ll never say”. As the album progresses it shifts back and forth from inner reflecting to story telling of memories of unrequited love, life, and everything in between. His sound and music will remind listeners of Iron & Wine, Conor Oberst, and Devendra Banhart. DeLaurentis’ Liar For A Muse exemplifies a well rounded album, as it takes listeners through journeys of the past, present, and future.

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Mah-Ze-Tar Blends New & Traditional Sound In Liquid Lotus

16 Aug

Take one listen to the album Liquid Lotus and you’ll hear the beautiful wordly sound that he brings to his music. The sounds of Mah-Ze-Tar are mesmerizing and enchanting as well. Sacred stars and other references to nature point to a spiritual vibe within his music. The blends of the sitar, influence of trance, and textures within the sound enlighten listeners. Drawing inspiration and incorporating a fusing of sounds of Indian, Persian, and even Flamenco, Mah-Ze-Tar effectively pairs up the traditional and new age sounds, while still preserving the sounds of familiar music of the world. For those wanting to hear a modern twist on traditional music and to be whisked away in new sound, Liquid Lotus is set to lead you there.

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