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Luiz e Os Louises Brings A Collection of Melodies In Album Life’s A Cigarette

16 Nov

Life’s A Cigarette embodies not only a significant collection of work, but a masterpiece from Luiz e Os Louises. Out of the songs on the album that standout the most is Please Everyone and Time To Love. With the song Please Everyone, it reminds me of early Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly. The lyrics not only form a narrative, but carry the musical characteristics of classic rock at its beginning. It reminds us of a society where we have to please everyone and live up to the standards. The song not only is reflective, but carries a tone of optimistic melancholy. Time To Love carries a Devendra Banhart vibe with the light melodic tones of the guitar and whimsical tones. With lyrics such as the “night unfolds inside our bones and we will look back to say its all blown away”, its thematic elements carry the spirit of nature and tonality that is indescribable. 

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Fight To The Death By Paul Maged Gives Us What It Means To Rock

24 Jun

Fight To The Death by Paul Maged starts out by revving with the anthem of rock and roll. The sound of electric guitar and drums that do not sound below advanced musicianship channel the rock vibes through and through. With lyrics such as “out of the darkness and into the fire” fueling those who listen to Paul Maged are just the start. The fundamental greatness of classic rock is often overlooked and lost in 2019, but this album will restore your faith almost instantly. Fight To The Death is the last of Maged’s albums, culminating the trilogy of work following the albums of Light Years Away and The Glass River. Although his music is so good it should be placed in a category of greatness by itself, one can put the rock vibes of this band alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N Roses, and The Eagles.

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Legends In Their Own Minds By The Sundogs Channels The Feeling of 90s Summers

15 Jun

Legends In Their Own Minds by The Sundogs upon first listening brings up to surface the feeling of summers of the 90s. With the light guitar, both acoustic and electric setting up the instrumental structure on songs within the album, its clear that their sound is set to a certain mood paired up in the collection of songs. Although this is just their second album, it sounds like an evolved sound that has spanned over many years. Johnny is a song that sets the scene quite well and alludes to the talented writing of The Sundogs from beginning to end. Lyrics such as “you have seriously been misled, what got you so bent, got a fire in your belly” all are thematic of strong visual storytelling. Closing your eyes and jamming out with your air guitar will allow you to channel all the feels of The Sundogs wherever you are. Touching on the sounds of jazz, blues, and power guitar solos, the duo of Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt unite for musical force to be reckoned with in the name of rock.

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Weakened At The Asylum Shows The Power Of Rock Opera From Midwest Soul Xchange

1 Nov

When you combine politics and rock opera anthems, you get Midwest Soul Xchange. Midwest Soul Xchange sets the scene of their rock opera story by following certain characters who experience the Flint Michigan water crisis. Growing up around The Who, Pink Floyd, and classic rock, they draw heavily on these influences within their music. When one thinks of such a heavy piece like this, one’s mind goes to think about musicals. Fifteen Parts sets up the lyrical narrative with metaphors and lyrics that create detailed visual imagery for listeners to come up with in their mind. Narrowing in on the emotional feelings of this tragedy and bringing in positive references to “headphones filled with dreams” gives the characters optimism in the opera. Two musical artists that Midwest Soul Xchange reminds me of include The Decemberists and Jersey Boys. They both are very effective at storytelling through lyrics and are able to mix it up with power ballads and monologues within their music. For an unique genre of rock opera, most listeners will find that these comparisons are where their similarities are the most. Alongside the main subject being centered around the Flint Michigan water crisis, the band does an amazing job of intertwining storytelling, informing, and the significance of perceived normalcy in times of tragedy. Not only does Weakened At The Asylum point out significant political heaviness, but it also sheds light on the struggles of these characters and their point of view. 2018 is the year of possibilities and they show we can be the first to make the change and to not wait.

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Who Wants to Be A Musicaire – Music Trivia

3 Jun

Welcome to the first installment of Music Trivia! Music Trivia, the game where you all get the chance to prove that you are the ultimate Musicaire (a made up term that means absolutely nothing). Seriously, Music Trivia gives you the opportunity to answer music trivia questions, both tough and easy. This is a game for everyone. There are no categories and no genre/time period discrimination. Questions can range from the guitar proficiency of Robert Johnson to Eve 6‘s drummers name. But I’m probably not going to ask about Tony Fagenson. I find that there is a lack of challenging music trivia on the web and I want to change that with this bi-weekly post. Here is how it is going to work. Today I will post five random questions (themed posts are possible in the future). The questions will be multiple choice. After answering all five questions, post your answers in a comment. On Tuesday, I will post up the answers and who did that best. Remember, it is easy to cheat at this game, but why would you do that? No Google and no listening to songs for answers. Answer the questions like you are taking a test in a classroom. Cheating makes this stupid. If Music Trivia garners a good amount of participants (10 or more), I will make the posting more frequent and will start giving out prizes to winners. Yes, that’s right, prizes. But it is your responsibility to play the game, have fun, and tell your friends. How tough is that, right? So good luck and I hope you enjoy the first ever Music Trivia game on The Music Court.

1.) “Hey Jude” is arguably the Beatles‘ best and most emotional song. When Paul McCartney first played the track for bandmate John Lennon, Paul stopped after a line and told John he was meaning to change the particular lyric. Lennon said that he wouldn’t and it was the best line in the song. What is that line?

2.) The Mamas & The Papas is still considered one of the best folk/vocal groups ever. Cass Elliot and Denny Doherty were truly the vocal superstars of the band. Before they joined The Mamas & The Papas they were both members of an unsuccesful New York band called The Mugwumps in the mid-60’s. The other two members of that band went on to form a famous American band after the break-up. What band did they form?

3.) Soul Asylum released “Runaway Train,” a song about runaways, with a corresponding video that featured pictures and names of missing children. Because of the song’s popularity many children featured in the video were actually returned to their homes. The song was pretty good too. It took home the Grammy for Best Rock Song in what year?

4.) In Canned Heat‘s “On The Road Again” what instrument helps create the buzzing sound that follows the song like a swarm of bees. (Video Clue)

5.) The Dirty Mac was a one-time supergroup formed exclusively for the TV Special “The Rolling Stones Rock n’ Roll Circus” in 1968. The band featured John Lennon on rhythm guitar and vocals, Keith Richards on bass guitar, Mitch Mitchell (drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience) on drums and what famous lead guitarist?

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