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My Autumn Amor Stirs That Love Feeling In Letters To Brie

14 Jul

The vocal talents of Thomas Monroe will mesmerize you within this album Letters To Brie with a combination of anthems, dreams, and heartbreak. When listening to Monroe’s voice, you can draw similarities between John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, Conor Oberst of The Bright Eyes, and subtle hints of Nate Ruess from fun. To hear a woman vocalist sing about heartbreak is one thing and it can be raw, angsty, and fill you up with emotion. On the other hand, a man’s point of view is refreshing and gives a different perspective. The narrative qualities combined with real conversations and a twist of a love song all make everything work on Letters To Brie.The combination of minimal musical instruments with the right balance of rock guitar and percussion work well with the impeccable sound mastering quality to make it more than just a broken heart waiting to be mended.


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Paper Planes Volume 1 Combines Musings & Imagery In A Musical Masterpiece

20 May

Listeners when first hearing Paper Planes Volume 1, will anticipate an album very reminiscent of Islands, Apples In Stereo, Fun, and a dash of American Analog Set. Mixed with the sound qualities comparable to what an audience would experience front row of a musical, Kicklighter intrigues listeners with his unique sound. With lyrics that are part narrative and full of emotion, his word choice and descriptive imagery sets him apart amongst musicians within this quirky genre. “All the world, a possibility, never got to know you so well, the moment was gone” is just a small snippet of word greatness that this album showcases. Words can’t really describe how masterful and appealing Paper Planes Volume 1 truly is until one listens to the collection and reflects on the wonderment their ears have experienced. Paper Planes Volume 2, I’m ready for your tracks to fill my living room, blasting sound in my headphones walking on my sidewalk stroll to work, and playing in the car while setting out for an adventure.

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