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Heaven Sent Delinquent By Shawna Virago Gets The Angst Just Right

19 Jul










Heaven Sent Delinquent by Shawna Virago gets the tone of angst just right in her music video. With a standout lyric of “cast my prayer to the wind”, the tone of religious rebellion is throughout. Watching the video, Shawna Virago’s creative direction excels mixing the perspective of her in her car on the road and her facing the camera making a stance. Mixed in with close up shots of her playing the guitar and the shakey camera, there is a tone of DIY realness that viewers will appreciate. I like that while watching the video, we aren’t watching cast actors or wannabes, we are seeing Shawna Virago, which makes it even better. Musically, Virago’s instrumental choices are strong with the guitar tones being intentional and full of angst, rock, and determination. Soft backup vocals make cameos in the background, light drums, and even the harmonica add even more to diversify the already unique sound she delivers.

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Shawna Virago Delivers Strong Messages With Punk Twists In Heaven Sent Delinquent

13 Apr

Shawna Virago dazzles the music scene with her newest album Heaven Sent Delinquent. Combining visual storytelling with singing about emotions, Virago does an amazing job of painting pictures within the tracks on this album. Drawing inspiration from typical folk sound, Virago spins it into a world of her own. Also, deep within her music lies the themes of punk rebels, stories of the queer and transgender community, and pioneers of society. Overall the album takes the listener through a ride of journey as they listen to stories of love, adventure, and reflections. In conclusion, Virago crafts a sound that’s a perfect blend of new age Americana, folk, and punk into one album.

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