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Max Lee’s Colors of Noise Brings Unique DIY Grunge Sound To Listeners With A Punch of Reality

25 Nov

The beginning of the album sets the tone for a DIY grunge sound and listeners anticipate an album that pays homage to those 90s grunge bands that have grit and punk qualities to them. The vocals of singer Max Lee add to the stylized qualities audiences will hear in the album. An aspect that stands out on Colors of Noise is its sound quality and mixing. The reverbs and the sound mixing sounds deliberate and aids to the unique sound that Lee’s music offers. It takes me back to the days of watching The OC and 90s movies. In a musical world that is now filled with less and less of lo-fi sound and DIY sound, Lee brings me back to that time with a realness and authentic influence of that sound in a present-day more modern world.

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