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Mein Wort In Deiner Dunkelheit Album By Rainer Landfermann Merges The World of Orchestra and Heavy Metal In One

6 Apr

Upon first listen, to Mein Wort In Deiner Dunkelheit, its very clear that the world of orchestra and extreme metal have been significant influences for German musician Rainer Landfermann. Not only are the songs on the album dark, but they also push the boundaries of extreme metal. This is characterized by the double basses, featuring of choirs in the background, and jazz ballads as well. When I think of additional influences or similarities, I can draw similar musical connections to songs in Operas. Dubbed as one of the top extreme vocalists of all time, Rainer Landfermann does not hold back vocally in this album. A standout track, called Kunstvoll showcases a lot of these heavy instrumentals. Not only does the album really dive into darkness, it also shows the lightness of metal as well with moments of soft tempos and reflective lyrics. Prior to listening to this album, I have never heard metal quite like this. To that, Rainer Landfermann, you are doing something that is extraordinarily unique not only in the music world, but as an artist.

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