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StrangeJuice Releases Their Latest Album Raising Cannibals

11 May

StrangeJuice releases Raising Cannibals and it carries a variety of the strange, quirky, and unconventional sounds of music. The band has a longstanding music history with 10 plus years in the industry, and honing in on their one of kind sound has kept them relevant to this day. The album itself carries a mixture of sounds mixed with synths and heavy metal influences as well. When thinking of similar bands and vocalists that they sound like one thinks of The ResidentsSonic Youth, and a dash of heavy metal as well. Lyrically, their music blends streams of consciousness with political and cultural references. The exact genre of their sound would best be characterized as new age, grunge, and neo-psychedelic. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, its quite clear that not only does is their vibe completely unique, it sounds nothing like most bands here in the United States. By combining their out of the box music and instrumentally diverse songs, StrangeJuice and their latest album Raising Cannibals keeps listeners interested in figuring them out and what is next on the wild ride of their music journey.

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Eddy Yang Brings All The Grit & Angst On In The City Track

16 Mar

Gear up your headphones and be ready to without a doubt dance along the sidewalk. Eddy Yang in his A New City EP shows not only strong vocals as a singer, but the instrumentals work together as well on his EP. From start to finish, it flows in a cohesive and well arranged way. With a mixture of self reflecting and the theme of being on a quest of self discovery, Yang not only delivers through his strong lyrics, but closing your eyes and listening, he hits on all the right emotions. With the mixture of the beat sounds as well, it puts the music in the category of rock, but also has the elements of soul and hip-hop. When thinking of bands that are similar, I would reference Goo Goo Dolls, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Verve for the rock elements of his music and City & Color, Conor Oberst, and Sonic Youth for the punk and grit influences.

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Magnetic Ghost Gives A Glimpse Into Rural Psychedelia

19 Oct

With the sounds of Minneapolis band Magnetic Ghost, a feeling of wandering instills the listener’s ears while listening to Grand Canyon, amongst their other songs from Loss Molecules. Lyrics making references to walls, the world, and places in life, one who enjoys shoegaze meets post punk will be delighted while listening to Magnetic Ghost. Listeners will find similarities between the sounds of Magnetic Ghost with Sonic Youth, Spooky Black, and Young Galaxy. The unfiltered and raw sound of their music makes Magnetic Ghost stand out in the music world that is now sometimes full with auto tuning, mixes, and tracks being overdone. Loss Molecules reminds one of memories, open spaces, and a glimpse in the world of rural psychedelia.

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