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Yaya Diallo’s Kachii: Traditions To Traditions Showcases Healing & Traditional Fusion

10 Oct

Take one listen to Yaya Diallo’s Kachii: Traditions to Traditions and you will hear a mixture of traditional music with Diallo’s own signature flair. Sourced from the Minianka culture of south-eastern Mali, Diallo’s goal was to not only play Minianka balafon music, but to infuse with the traditional Western instruments of the violin, cello, double-bass, flute alongside African percussion instruments. These are the sounds of djembe, talking drum, and dounou to make a new sound for anyone who listens to Kachii: Traditions to Traditions. The symbolism is so important in this album as well, honoring the traditional role of the coredjouga. A standout track from the album is Kachi Zie. With the beautiful mixture of violin starting the track off the sounds of fusion are definitely heard. Vocals are brought in throughout the song as well, only making the song even stronger. Another standout set of tracks from this album are Fantakalo: Part One and Fantakalo: Part Two. Immediately hearing percussion and then the sound of the smooth violin start the set of the songs. With Fantakalo: Part Two, the violin headstarts but in a subtle way. The sounds of percussion and vocals hit the ground running for the overall vibe of the track. Overall, if a listener is wanting to hear something not only new, but diverse and a beautiful mix of traditional music of the Minianka culture with the traditional sound of Western instruments, this is an album one will want to immediately hear.

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The Magical Voice of XI.ME.NA Channels The Force of Motherhood In Before You

18 Feb

Upon first listening to the EP Before You, you will hear the magical voice of XI.ME.NA and immediately get transfixed on it. Inspired by her becoming a mother, the music of the art pop singer shows she has a wide range of vocal diversity as well. Some of the songs on the EP, audiences would classify as easy listening mixed with electronica music. With just four songs on the album, one that stands out is the song Before You, centered around the life’s pondering of who she was before the birth of her son. The track takes a reflective, yet raw look at the artist and how this significant life event blends into her music making. If you want to close your eyes, and be taken on a storytelling journey, take a listen to XI.ME.NA.

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