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The Music Court iPod Shuffle – “Bike” by Pink Floyd

26 Oct


Have you ever wondered how the Music Court comes up with its vast variety of content? Are you saying the blog does not have diverse content? Who are you invisible, detached voice and why must you always negate me! Ok, I’ll stop my idiocy, but it is apt that I get into a disturbed state of mind prior to discussing Pink Floyd … usually. I emphasize usually because today we will be discussing “Bike,” which despite its unique oddness is a childish piece that is purposely humorous because of its psychedelic simplicity. Oh … and the answer to the somewhat haughty initial question is songs in our head and, today, as the title of this post suggests, a shuffled iPod.

“Bike” was written and recorded during the greatest year of rock ‘n’ roll in the history of ever – 1967. Argue with me all you want, but 1967 has the insuperable crown. It will forever reign as rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest year unless we have another musical renaissance, which doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

Syd Barrett, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of Pink Floyd prior to his forced departure from the band in 1968, may have very well been a tortured soul with mental illness ranging from schizophrenia to a cognitive disorder like autism, but “Bike” does not maintain that disturbed flavor. It is psychedelic. There is no question about that. The song is driven by eccentric percussion transitions (gun shots?), an oscillating theremin, and an eerie piano that sounds like it is right out of an ironic horror movie. But the tortured Syd Barrett who inspired almost all of Roger Waters’ songwriting for some time (“Brain Damage,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,”etc.) does not permeate through this piece … which is a purposely childish love song.

Less than two minutes of utter goodness. The song was actually written for Barrett’s girlfriend at the time. Yes, “Bike” was written for a girl … the song with the line, “I know a mouse, and he hasn’t got a house.  I don’t know why. I call him Gerald. He’s getting rather old, but he’s a good mouse.” What? Can’t you feel the love? Come on! This or “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees? Your choice.

Barrett wrote this song like a child because it is supposed to be a child’s love song. Think about it. The lyrics are utterly random, but the chorus constantly repeats “You’re the kind of girl that fits in with my world. I’ll give you anything, ev’rything if you want things.” Barrett takes on his inner elementary school child and writes a hilarious love song for a first crush. It’s almost genius if you think about it.

By the way, tell me the video above is not hilarious. So … now that you have this love song stuck in your head for the rest of your Saturday, go find a bike and ride it if you’d like, but remember I can’t give it to you because I borrowed it.

March Madness – Best Album of 1967 – First Round – 5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, 8 vs. 9

16 Mar

The first round keeps on trucking along. The higher seeded match-ups for the best album of 1967 have garnered a lot of attention and votes continue to come in. Currently, the 1,2,3 seeds are rolling along but Magical Mystery Tour, the 4th seed, is having issues with Velvet Underground and Nico, the 13th seed, which only trails by ONE VOTE! It’s an exciting potential upset. Haven’t had a chance to vote in the higher seeded first round matches yet? Follow the below links before voting in the last four first round match-ups below.

#1 Seed: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles vs. #16 Seed: Absolutely Free by The Mother’s Invention

Follow This Link To Vote: https://musiccourt.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/march-madness-music-16-1-best-album-of-1967/

#2 seed: The Doors by the Doors vs. #15 seed: Days of Future Passed by The Moody Blues

#3 seed: Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience vs. #14 seed: Procol Harum by Procol Harum

#4 seed: Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles vs. #13 seed: The Velvet Underground With Nico by The Velvet Underground

Follow this link to vote:  https://musiccourt.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/march-1967-madness-continues-2-vs-15-3-vs-14-4-vs-13/


Let’s move on to some excellent first round matches. While many of the higher seed battles are going to be won by the higher seeds, we may see some mini-upsets in some of these mid-level upsets. You all ready? Let’s do it. Remember vote if you want your favorite to pass through. First round voting ends March 21!

#5 seed: Disraeli Gears by The Cream vs. #12 seed: The Pipers at the Gate of Dawn by Pink Floyd

Disraeli Gears may be The Cream’s best album. It was the second release by this supergroup and it featured classics like “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Strange Brew.” It was ranked 112 in Rolling Stones’ best albums of all time. It is a great example of the talent that oozed from this band. But, it does have some competition with The Pipers at The Gate of Dawn. While this is not Pink Floyd’s best album (by any argument), it is the debut from one of the most influential British rock bands that would later take progressive psychedelic rock to a new level. Syd Barrett provided direction for this album (the only Floyd album he would) and songs like “Interstellar Overdrive,” “Astronomy Domine” and “Bike” are featured, all excellent examples of psychedelic rock.


#6 seed: Strange Days by The Doors vs. #11 seed: Walk Away Renée/Pretty Ballerina by The Left Banke

Do not write this one off as a clear win for the Doors quite yet. Many may be looking at this and thinking who is The Left Banke and how did they manage an 11 seed. Well, they are a dark horse in the competition because of the absolute excellence of this release. On it is “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina” two of the best examples of baroque pop ever to be released. Listen to the songs before you vote. This is not intended to sway your vote. Strange Days is an excellent album that probably deserved a higher rating (that’s how good 1967 was for album releases). Released just eight months after their first release, the album features “Strange Days” and “People are Strange.”


#7 seed: Forever Changes by Love vs. #10 seed: Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane

The battle of two psychedelic juggernauts. This may come down to matter of preference. On one side you have Love who with Forever Changes pretty much defined the genre of psychedelic rock. It is some of the most crisp and fine examples of the genre ever. Surrealistic Pillow, on the other hand, features “Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit” two other exceptional examples of psychedelic rock. In a way, Jefferson Airplane’s music is more rock-oriented and Love, more psychedelic. Let the battle of the 1967 California psychedelic bands commence.


#8 seed: I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You by Aretha Franklin vs. #9 seed: John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan

The diversity of 1967 album releases is striking. I do love how we go from Love vs. Jefferson Airplane (two bands playing psychedelic music) to Aretha vs. Bob Dylan, soul vs. folk. So, which way will you go? “Respect” or “All Along the Watchtower”


And there you have it. The first round concludes. Remember voting ends on March 21 as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Happy Voting!

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