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The Music Court iPod Shuffle – “Bike” by Pink Floyd

26 Oct


Have you ever wondered how the Music Court comes up with its vast variety of content? Are you saying the blog does not have diverse content? Who are you invisible, detached voice and why must you always negate me! Ok, I’ll stop my idiocy, but it is apt that I get into a disturbed state of mind prior to discussing Pink Floyd … usually. I emphasize usually because today we will be discussing “Bike,” which despite its unique oddness is a childish piece that is purposely humorous because of its psychedelic simplicity. Oh … and the answer to the somewhat haughty initial question is songs in our head and, today, as the title of this post suggests, a shuffled iPod.

“Bike” was written and recorded during the greatest year of rock ‘n’ roll in the history of ever – 1967. Argue with me all you want, but 1967 has the insuperable crown. It will forever reign as rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest year unless we have another musical renaissance, which doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

Syd Barrett, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of Pink Floyd prior to his forced departure from the band in 1968, may have very well been a tortured soul with mental illness ranging from schizophrenia to a cognitive disorder like autism, but “Bike” does not maintain that disturbed flavor. It is psychedelic. There is no question about that. The song is driven by eccentric percussion transitions (gun shots?), an oscillating theremin, and an eerie piano that sounds like it is right out of an ironic horror movie. But the tortured Syd Barrett who inspired almost all of Roger Waters’ songwriting for some time (“Brain Damage,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,”etc.) does not permeate through this piece … which is a purposely childish love song.

Less than two minutes of utter goodness. The song was actually written for Barrett’s girlfriend at the time. Yes, “Bike” was written for a girl … the song with the line, “I know a mouse, and he hasn’t got a house.  I don’t know why. I call him Gerald. He’s getting rather old, but he’s a good mouse.” What? Can’t you feel the love? Come on! This or “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees? Your choice.

Barrett wrote this song like a child because it is supposed to be a child’s love song. Think about it. The lyrics are utterly random, but the chorus constantly repeats “You’re the kind of girl that fits in with my world. I’ll give you anything, ev’rything if you want things.” Barrett takes on his inner elementary school child and writes a hilarious love song for a first crush. It’s almost genius if you think about it.

By the way, tell me the video above is not hilarious. So … now that you have this love song stuck in your head for the rest of your Saturday, go find a bike and ride it if you’d like, but remember I can’t give it to you because I borrowed it.

An Educated Gilmour Guess

1 Jan

Happy New Year! If we can base music predictions off of 2010, I believe 2011 will be another great year for experimental genres and folk-blend rock. Harmonies are in! That is good news folks.

There are some confirmed tours for 2011, but we will have to wait a little while for most of the Spring/Summer concert schedule. I can tell you that Roger Waters is still doing his The Wall tour. It picks up again in March (Lisbon, Portugal).

Now, remember, David Gilmour will join Roger Waters for one show to perform “Comfortably Numb.” This was confirmed last summer. After it was confirmed, I predicted where Gilmour would join Waters. This is what I said:

“My guess is that Gilmour joins Waters at the 02 Arena in London on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. Yes, the tour reaches far into the new year. The 02 Arena is in a convenient location – it is near Gilmour’s residence – and the date is the last in the straight series of five shows played in London, only a mere hour away from the original Pink Floyd stomping grounds, Cambridge. It just all seems to perfect. But, like most things, we must wait and see.” July 19  https://musiccourt.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/relax-ill-need-some-information-first-just-the-basic-facts-where-is-gilmour-going/


I took this straight from Roger Waters’ website (www.tour.rogerwaters.com)

“Roger Waters will be filming and recording all 6 shows at The O2 Arena in London in May.”

I smell clue. Roger Waters likes money and attention. Many would argue that these are his two most favorite things. Music is in there as well, of course. Filming implies a concert DVD. And, what better way to draw buyers than feature the Waters/Gilmour reunion on DVD. I am not saying that this is set in stone, but I do think that the filming may be evident of the “Comfortably Numb” reunion taking place during one of these dates. So, you have a 1/6 chance to pick the date. My guess was May 17. I stated that it was the last date for Waters at the O2 arena and at the time it was. But, another concert was added for Wednesday. I change my guess now to May 18. I guess we will see if I am right.

Another Brick In The Wall/Your Ipod Playlist

15 Nov

Are the Beatles finally coming to iTunes?




Will the long-standing feud come to an end tomorrow? According the the Wall Street Journal, the answer is a:

You all know you liked what I did there? Beatles’ puns are the best. Apple’s “exciting announcement” will be made tomorrow and despite Yoko Ono‘s quieting of rumors back in August, the WSJ cites sources close to the situation who believe that this will be the statement. What took so long? The Beatles’ finances are like an inextricable web of numbers and agreements. Let’s be real. It wont be untangled, but, intelligent people can work around it if they have patience. It is possible that the conflict has ended and finally iTunes customers will be able to download Beatles’ music from the music service tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

“We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control.” You can just hear the eery sound of the school children’s choir. Well, a Tampa choir is going to have that pleasure tomorrow. And, in this bloggers mind, that is amazing!


Yes, I am jealous of the 12-year-old. This is such a cool opportunity. Seriously, it makes me giddy. It is like “School of Rock” except instead of Jack Black it is Roger Waters. (Insert Joke Here). Have fun out there kids. And, remember, “Leave them kids alone”

David Gilmour and Roger Waters will Reunite…at least once more for one song

16 Jul


Finally, some hope for die-hard Pink Floyd fans. The Gilmour, Waters feud – which basically came to an end early last decade – may finally be put aside for a real reunion tour. But, for now that is just speculation. What some lucky fans at a choice venue will get is Gilmour joining Waters on stage to perform “Comfortably Numb” during one date of Waters’ 94-date “The Wall” anniversary tour. This all because of an agreement struck by the two musicians resulting in Waters’ performance of “To Know Him Is To Love Him,” at the Hoping Foundation benefit last week (reported here: https://musiccourt.wordpress.com/2010/07/12/monday-blues-and-pink-floyd-ruse/). It really may not be much of a ruse any longer.

Waters originally declined Gilmour’s invitation to perform “To Know Him Is To Love Him,” at the charity show because of the vocal difficulty of the song. Gilmour was persistent and fed into Waters’ longing for a true reunion tour (which now is impossible because of the 2008 death of keyboardist Richard Wright)), promising (e-mail conversation follows), “If you do ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ for The Hoping Foundation gig, I’ll come and do ‘C. Numb’ on one of your Wall shows.” What!?! Waters’ reaction similarly went, “”How f**king cool! I was blown away.” Gilmour, who according to Rolling Stone was uninterested in performing with Waters during the tour, set aside any reservations in order to get Waters to perform with him at last week’s Hoping Foundation show.

This discussion was posted on Waters’ Facebook wall (http://www.facebook.com/notes/roger-waters-the-wall/the-gig-with-david/144577855556673) and he concluded it by writing, “PS. Just heard from David, he will decide in due course which gig he wants to do, it will be a surprise!

Okay, so Waters and Gilmour are playing us well. They have – to quote a Rolling Stones song – all fans under their thumbs. Tell me the date and the show so I can get an overpriced ticket and watch this collaboration. I don’t care if it is only on “Comfortably Numb.” In my opinion, they will play more than one song together. It is just too tempting. Yes, they had a large conflict but Gilmour and Waters just enjoy playing music with each other too much to pass up a convenient opportunity. Does this bode well for the future? In one word, yes. I am not saying they are going on tour…but, I am not saying it will not happen. Let’s just say there is a much better chance now than there was 10 years ago.

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