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the calm|storm From Brave Showcases Their Sound Across A Variety Of Genres

25 Jan

the calm|storm  from the band Brave showcases the often overlooked genre of heavy metal. Brave makes those who may think that heavy metal is too intense appreciate the raw fundamentals of well-composed music and music that fits perfectly with the characteristics of strong metal music. If you want the screamo-type of metal music, Brave will most likely not fit in your track list on your playlist. With the strong vocal talents of Michelle Schrotz, and the rest of the band, their sound will not disappoint your progressive metal listeners. The unique element of their music would definitely include their varied use of instruments and while intense in some tracks on their album, the attention to composition and the intention behind the purposeful style of their music showcases their talents in a completely different and one of a kind way. The collective collaboration of Ben Kelly, Matt Kozar, Michelle Schrotz,Scott Loose,Suvo Sur, and Trevor Schrotz all make the band a unit that can’t be shaken.

For more listening: November Track from Album the calm|storm



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