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Let’s All Sing Together By Drew & Luke Gives Renewed Hope In The World

11 Jun










Close your eyes and listen to the voices of Drew & Luke and the sound of the tambourine. With the anthem of Let’s All Sing Together and the messages of bringing change, watch out for these two and how their music makes people feel. Prior to COVID-19, they would usually collaborate virtually and halfway across the world from each other. Now, quarantined together in Los Angeles, Drew & Luke are using this time to recharge and create. Heavily influenced by the music of the 1970s, you can hear that through this single. Instrumentally, the song effectively balances out the key sounds of the piano, the intertwining of applause, and the tambourine ringing at all the right spots. When thinking about musically who Drew & Luke sounds like, I’m drawn to find similarities with Dr. DogFleet Foxes, and even a dash of Vampire Weekend. Though both musically and lyrically, Let’s All Sing Together will without a doubt stand time post COVID-19 and anchor an impactful start for a new world for Drew & Luke to be a part of.

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Lord Sonny The Unifer Delivers A Throwback 1970s Inspired Album Titled Final Notice

13 May

Lord Sonny The Unifer carries the tonality of the free spirit of the 1970s, grunge of the 90s, and easy listening of modern day music. Lead by musician Gregory Jiritano, the album cohesively shows a well thought out theme and mood. Listeners will recognize first and foremost their sound is unlike most bands you hear today. With experience in sound experimentation in their earlier works, the tracks are layered with the varieties of stylistic instruments that add an intentional dimension. The album Final Notice alludes to the final call and warning that we get in the mail for various things. It serves not only as a symbolic message, but a political one as well. Lyrics on the album vary from reflecting and storytelling all mixed in one. March Forth carries a lot of the grunge and electronic synth-powered sound that characterizes their music so distinctively. As for those wanting to listen to a band that carries connecting messages to their audience with heart, go ahead and give Lord Sonny The Unifer a listen.

For more listening: The Starman From Final Notice


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