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The Time Is Now Builds Anticipation In Latest Album From Jay Clark Band

5 Jul

The Time Is Now released from the Jay Clark Band revs up like the anticipation before that band that you’ve been dying to see and it’s the night of the concert. You look around in the crowd and see head banging enthusiasts acknowledging your built up excitement and participate with the band. Upon slipping on your headphones, you will get this imagery flooding your brain. With lyrics like “I’m better off alone” and “don’t really understand, this wasn’t part of the plan”, slips on the edge of angst and optimism. Instrumentally, the Jay Clark Band excels in providing a multidimensional texture to their songs, surpassing the reminiscent sounds of Motley Crue and hair rock. From start to finish the album keeps its momentum from first listen to having the last track play. Bands that are similar sounding include AC/DC, Guns and Roses, and Brantley Gilbert. Any music aficionado who has a weak spot for guitar solos and easy listening will find that their sound fits in a general music genre, with specific highlights of greatness that are one of a kind.

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – An English Opera

20 Jun

AC/DC Monopoly?

Park Place...is on FIRE

In what will perhaps be the most high voltage Monopoly spin-off, AC/DC has signed up to release a Collector’s Edition Monopoly game later this year.

Players will be able to play as a cannon, bundle of dynamite, lightning bolt, etc., instead of the traditional dog, car or thimble. AC/DC and Milton Bradley despoil some warped rock utopia. Players will buy and sell AC/DC records and attempt to improve their properties with gold and platinum records. Extravagance, AC/DC style.

While I think the whole novelty Monopoly shtick is a little old, the AC/DC version does not bother me. I think it’s pretty funny. I wonder if Bon Scott shouts “Jailbreak, I got to break out out of here” when you roll doubles and get out of prison.


Damon Albarn Opera

Damon Albarn is easily bored. With Gorillaz on break, Albarn has decided to write and star in Dr Dee, an opera about 16th Century alchemist, astrologer and spy John Dee.

Dr Dee is set to run from July 1-9 at the Manchester International Festival. It will then be staged at the home of the English National Opera as part of London’s Cultural Olympiad program,” writes Consequence of Sound.

Check out “Apple Carts” a song from the opera.

It’s excellent. Albarn’s voice is tender and the acoustic guitar meshes perfectly with his accomplice’s medieval instruments. The intention was certainly to give off that medieval flare and the song does so with proficiency.

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