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Celebrity Warship Culture Channels Post Punk Vibes In Latest Single

22 Sep

Rebirther by Celebrity Warship Culture channels some post punk vibes in their latest single. With Liam Scott leading the way within Celebrity Warship Culture, the ambient-new wave genre definitely comes through. The sounds of the keyboardist Todd Pickell, drummer Mark Pickell, and Trevor Gay on the guitar and contributing vocals all add something to the album. The song carries an intense feel from start to finish, intertwining the themes of religion and the idea of forgiveness within it as well. Musically Celebrity Worship Culture intertwines the perfect mix of new wave music, grunge, and light rock in their sound. When listeners draw comparisons to other artists, they can think and make connections to Lemuria, Meatloaf, and Neil Diamond. The wide range of their sound musically ranges from that new wave synth to the anthems of music that have the vocals carrying each song on the album.

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Nikki Wozzo & The Bad Whiskey’s Album Bad Whiskey Reveals Good Spirit

14 Sep

Nikki Wozzo & The Bad Whiskey releases album Bad Whiskey and it delivers soul, angst, and spirit. From the album’s start, there is no hesitation from the vocals of Nikki Wozzo and the music accompanying his gritty, strong voice. With standout tracks like Wild Rose, there is a layer of unspoken rebellion and heart. From the soulful riffs of guitar playing from Ray Miller to the drums of Mike Mallais everything works effortlessly together. The album overall works cohesively together with a steady tone of the meaning of time, love, and the inner wild in all of us. Listeners will hear that the band’s sound is not only unique, but the storytelling intertwines so much about growing up, first loves, and the feeling of showing up as your true self.

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Hey Mountain Hey Connects Listeners To Look Inward In Latest Album

17 Aug

Hey Mountain Hey starts off on a psychedelic jump starting trip with lyrics heavy on the theme of remembrance, nature, and connecting to the human experience. The vocals of Rokiah Yaman only add to the wonderful musical dynamics of the album. This is the third album in the High Chair Trilogy that started in 2018 with The Butter Thief then 2019’s The Dharma and the Drama. The album clearly pulls in a variety of music styles, one being psychedelic and trance rock. A standout track from the album is Tree & Leaf. Honing in on the themes of time, eternity, and everything in between, it sounds more of a lighthearted anthem of proclamations of love, reflecting, and healing.

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EP2 Blends The World of Electro Synth With 80s Energy & Instrumental Beats In Head Fake

28 Apr










Take a listen to Head Fake and get ready to be transported to an electro-synched world ready to open up. With radio cuts and 80s influence, EP2 knows exactly how to to merge an electro world with the modern day music sound. The band Producer Ivan clearly shows that he has traveled the world and helped musicians from all over. When reflecting on the origins of EP2, it makes sense that with the combination of being in the Indie and film soundtrack circuit, this translates to the full bodied songs that are on this album. You can close your eyes and envision a scene amongst EP2’s music and not only is it refreshing, it speaks to your soul. A standout track off their album is Song For Daughters with lyrics such as “someday you will wander off in search of your own sky”. Aside from the pop-80s chop chop instrumentals and that almost sway a listener in humming and dancing around their living room, EP2 artfully constructs their music knowing its filled with the best of intentions. It shows just by feeling the effect that their music has, leaving you fulfilled and at peace.

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Song For Daughters

River of Light Mesmerizes Listeners With Styko’s Sultry Voice & Feeling Of Rock + Roll

28 Nov

Listening to Kristina Styko will mesmerize you from the very beginning. With her sultry voice accompanying her acoustic guitar, Styko brings a feeling of rock and grill with a dash of grit. Out of all the tracks on her album River of Light, the one that is a strong standout is State Line Diner and At The Edge. From setting up the narrative to describing certain emotions in story form, Styko connects with the audience that is listening to her music effortlessly. Diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia back in 2017, nothing stops Kristina Styko which makes her music even more inspiring. Spasmodic dysphonia causes speaking and singing to be sometimes difficult to articulate and get sounds out. It should not come as a surprise that her isolated Thoreau like retreat in Vermont contributes to her unique and raw sound in her music. If listeners think that this is a talented musician, her talent exceeds that of a vocalist and she has put herself in the category of producer in her studio Pepperbox and record label owner of Thunder Ridge Records. If a strong female musician that organically creates her music by her own will, does not inspire you, I do not know what will.

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