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Moody By The Other Life Brings The Emotion

9 Feb

Moody By The Other Life stands out as a memorable track. The Other Life revamps the single in three different combos. The original single, two pre-released remixed by Operator S and John Gary. When listening, listeners will connect the sound of Joy Division and lo- fi rock with The Other Life’s vibe. With lyrics like “take a look through the window, breaking the door” connects with the grunge feel of the post punk genre. Compositionally, listeners will also hear similiarities with electro-club music. Crystal Castles, MGMT, and the sounds of lo-fi video games all add to the auditory experience The Other Life creates for their listeners.

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Metaspion Revives Scandinavian Tradition With Folk & Electronic Sound

7 Jun

Merging the world of Scandinavian sound with folk and electronic beats make listeners intrigued as they listen to Metaspion’s album Folktronika Schmolkfonika. With violins and a distinct sound within their music, one can hear the worldly and gothic tone that their music carries. When thinking about artists that are similar, musicians within the gothic genre stand out. Spooky Black, Crystal Castles, and a dash of Dresden Dolls all come to mind throughout the album. Alongside these similarities, the characteristics of EDM and lo-fi rock make their cameos as well. Formed by Morten Richter, he created the band out of a yearning to get back into music after a hiatus from the music industry. Previously being a lead performer of a glam rock band, Metaspion carries a different vibe. The name translates to meta- about itself, and spion which means spy. Richter cites that it evolved as a result of therapy sessions and seeking within. With plans to maintain the interest in Norwegian music and sound, Richter will be releasing another album, complete with more unique instruments, distinct sound, and an unwavering passion to spread the word of a music maker.

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Track below is from Metaspion’s album Old Rules Don’t Apply

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