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Moody By The Other Life Brings The Emotion

9 Feb

Moody By The Other Life stands out as a memorable track. The Other Life revamps the single in three different combos. The original single, two pre-released remixed by Operator S and John Gary. When listening, listeners will connect the sound of Joy Division and lo- fi rock with The Other Life’s vibe. With lyrics like “take a look through the window, breaking the door” connects with the grunge feel of the post punk genre. Compositionally, listeners will also hear similiarities with electro-club music. Crystal Castles, MGMT, and the sounds of lo-fi video games all add to the auditory experience The Other Life creates for their listeners.

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Ivan Beecroft Carries 90s Grunge Rock Into 2018 With Album Whatever

15 Jan

When audiences listen to Ivan Beecroft and his music, they can pinpoint how he carries the reputation of rock and runs with it in his sound. The overall tone of the album Whatever ranges from angst, to politically charged, and every mood in between. Minimalistic in sound and inspired by 90s grunge rock, listeners can hear the simplicity and rawness of Beecroft’s sound within Whatever. Before writing music, Beecroft worked in the steel industry. Within the album, reflections on work, the environment, and opinionated musings populate the track list. Inspired by the sounds of the Sex Pistols, Joy Division, and the Clash, Whatever spins a 2018 twist on the greats, Beecroft style.

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From a Mess to the Masses: Some Post Punk

15 Sep

Punk rock was loud, messy, uncontrollable and rowdy.  Then Joy Division came and changed all that almost  over night.  Ever hear of U2, the Killers or Phoenix?  All followers of this one band that barreled into the vision of the public almost overnight and then exploded and reinvented itself upon the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis (here’s the fascinating movie about him).  Emphasizing emotional music over loud noise and somber emotions over rage and anger, they were the first to synchronize synthesizers, drum machines and live instrumentation.


Joy Division happens to be one of the most depressing bands ever but those influenced by them moved more towards the land of unicorns and butterflies.  One of those bands happens to be Phoenix who turned the Joy Division sound slightly upside down.  Their most recent release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, builds upon the simpler drum machine and snyth combinations by adding multiple layers of guitars.  It’s a really cool sound and overall a really great album.

I’m connecting these bands with a synth and drum machine sound and it’s my post so I’m going to throw in a little curveball.  The next band has many related characteristics to Phoenix, incorporating a lot of drum machine and other samples and a lead singer with a wacky falsetto voice.  Passion Pit relies heavily on sound samples which gives a much wider variety of sounds then a simple drum machine, such as in the following song.

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