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Nothing’s Wrong Showcases Elza’s Enchanting Vocal Style

13 Oct

Close your eyes and be prepared to be taken away by Elza’s voice in her album Nothing’s Wrong. For those who enjoy listening to storytelling through music, specifically from female vocalists, add Elza to the list. Comparably speaking of vocalists in reference such as Feist, Florence Welch, and Alison Sudol, she finds a way to reflect and story tell within her music and take her listeners on the journey. Throughout the album, it waves between power ballads, marked by the heavy synth and drums and the softness of simple vocals and light instrumentals. Listeners will be surprised that her sound is pleasantly moody, leaving room for unexpected themes and vibes on the album. A standout track on the album, Swayed best exemplifies this auditory observation. It mixes a level of raw and rebel vibes in all the right ways. Everything is right about the words that make up this album and the voice and music that make it all possible.

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