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Mr. Grossman’s Album Novella Combines Stories & Personal Tracks Into One Collection

10 Oct

Mr. Grossman’s album Novella combines stories and personal tracks into one collection. A collection of 4 original tracks set the scene in his experimental album. The track Any Takers combines the instrumental with a vibe of mystery. With lyrics such as “putting on my best shoes and my best face, going out for my next embrace” paint a picture of a person’s place in the world and where heartbreak catapults them. Its inspiring to hear a story about how a woman takes her pain and is challenging herself to get out there into the unknown. Another standout track Escape works almost hand in hand with the first track on the album. With the musical arrangement being such a beautiful mix of piano and vocals of Mark Grossman, the lyrics “escape to me, I won’t thank you much, I won’t ask too much, I won’t make too many plans” offer almost like a soft shoulder to cry on in conjunction with Any Takers. The beautiful mixture of instruments and meaningful lyrics combine into a collection that listeners will want on repeat.

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The World’s Gone Up In Smoke Highlights Johanna Dadap’s Soulful Voice & Heart

10 Oct

Johanna Dadap’s single The World’s Gone Up In Smoke is nothing short of musical brilliance. With lyrics such as “the world’s gone up in smoke and mother nature’s broke, but she’s too young to die” showcases the relationship Dadap has with the environment. She sounds like she is speaking directly to mother earth and explaining the relationship that we have with it. She showcases the struggle of the earth and personifies her with the themes of rebirth, death, and continuing on. The tone of the lyrics and arrangement makes it feel like not only is she speaking out on the environment, she’s speaking to mother earth as a whole. When listeners hear her music and her voice, they will draw similarities with The Weepies and other pop musicians. Dadap is not only impressive vocally, but she is multi talented in a span of musical instruments and also specializes on the side in music production and songwriting. Anyone who listens to the single and is exposed to Dadap’s brilliance will only want to listen more from such a talented singer songwriter.

Artist Website: https://www.facebook.com/dadapjohanna/

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Shimmer EP From Arktik Lake Creates Auditory Ambiance Like No Other

18 Oct

Arktik Lake just released their debut EP Shimmer and it will not disappoint listeners who want to indulge in some auditory shoegaze and ambient rock. Think Simple Minds meets Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and you just have one facet of what Arktik Lake sounds like. With the themes of astral traveling, galaxies, and simply existing, this EP is one to just listen and take all of the music in. Marty Willson-Piper leading vocals and the background vocals of Olivia Willson-Piper cascading through, listeners will be surprised that this is their debut EP and everything sounds like it has been rooted for years. Listening to more of the EP, listeners get a deep idea of Arktik Lake and what really matters to them. A standout track from Shimmer called Promises We Made, includes lyrics such as “forever promises, we made, just you and me”. From the up of the guitar riff to the light drums in the background of the tracks, the band does an amazing job of not only creating auditory texture, but ambiance as well.

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Sarah Schonert Channels A Level of Female Shero In Songs About Sounds

6 Dec

If the title does not give away the emotions I have towards Schonert’s music, the term Shero epitomizes me viewing her music as not only heroic, but inspirational for 2019. Take one listen to Sarah Schonert’s music and it takes you to another world. A world where you don’t know if its all imaginative or in another universe. The most noticeable thing listeners will pick up on when listening to her music is that it sounds like a mixture of new age post Sonic Youth music stylistically mixed with space rock, characterized by the textures and tone variety one hears in her instrumental style. Different voice tracks, variety of instrumentals of piano and reverbs, and a variety in her vocal delivery makes the album an interesting one to listen to from start to finish. Similar bands that have used such synth and sampling of vintage sounds include Math The Band, Of Montreal, and even mainstream influences such as Justice. Throughout the album, her music showcases almost a stream of conciousness mixed with her creative exploration of her voice and lyrics across tracks. In a digital age where over editing and heavy autotuning is used amongst musicians, its refreshing to listen to a musician who approaches their music making in a very raw and original way. 

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GEA Sings With Her Heart First In Newly Released EP Snow

20 Apr

GEA is a master storyteller as she crafts her songs with her unique sound. With her EP Snow, there is a mixture of easy listening tunes and heavier ones as well.  The song Snow itself was influenced by a death of her friend. The story is of a young boy who tells his mother that he came to the world to be a snow angel. Fast forward 10 years later, and he passed away when their town got the first snow of Winter. Linking up that song with the way GEA delivers the memoriam is breathtakingly heartfelt. The musical arrangement is that of another world, with piano, violin, and synthy dream pop working together to yield a galaxy signature sound. Additionally, when listeners pair up GEA with similar artists she spans more than Nordic rock, but also can be put in the categories of EDM, Indie Pop, Dream-Pop. Only gaining recognition in September 2017 with her music, she has been nominated by the NBT Music Radio in Germany for that album and many others ever since including Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award Best Soundtrack Award for other songs. Hard work pays off as she recently released her single Time at SXSW this March and her showcase was completely sold out. By the power of connection and having a pure and organic sound, listeners recognize that GEA is unapologetically herself and the popularity follows.

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