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LeeSun Brings Life, Spunk, and A New Level of Realness In Album My Life

13 Oct

Take one glance at LeeSun and she gives you eyes of fierceness and fearless attitude that makes you think words of truth are all that exist within her music. Listen to her music and you will find a deeper depth than just fierceness. LeeSun sings from the heart with her lyrics being a mix of whimsy, life’s musings, and painful experiences turned lighthearted melancholy. She brings themes of identity, adulthood, and the journey of an artist through her songs as well. When LeeSun’s voice fills my headphones, I smile reflecting on my love for The Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor, and Marina & The Diamonds and the similarities that the album My Life has with those musicians. Authenticity and the free spirit of her music will connect with listeners and find you reflecting on your own life, struggles, and the happiness that lies in the success of succeeding.

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