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The World’s Gone Up In Smoke Highlights Johanna Dadap’s Soulful Voice & Heart

10 Oct

Johanna Dadap’s single The World’s Gone Up In Smoke is nothing short of musical brilliance. With lyrics such as “the world’s gone up in smoke and mother nature’s broke, but she’s too young to die” showcases the relationship Dadap has with the environment. She sounds like she is speaking directly to mother earth and explaining the relationship that we have with it. She showcases the struggle of the earth and personifies her with the themes of rebirth, death, and continuing on. The tone of the lyrics and arrangement makes it feel like not only is she speaking out on the environment, she’s speaking to mother earth as a whole. When listeners hear her music and her voice, they will draw similarities with The Weepies and other pop musicians. Dadap is not only impressive vocally, but she is multi talented in a span of musical instruments and also specializes on the side in music production and songwriting. Anyone who listens to the single and is exposed to Dadap’s brilliance will only want to listen more from such a talented singer songwriter.

Artist Website: https://www.facebook.com/dadapjohanna/

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