Sydney Eloise & The Palms Wows With Anthems of Youth & Adulting On Album, Faces

19 Oct

As my premiere post on The Music Court, I’m Toria and I love all things 1970s, memoirs, and musicians who sing from the heart.


With the band already in full swing on their first tour, Sydney Eloise and the Palms do not disappoint in their album, Faces. Being released by The Cottage Recordings September 22nd, the studio does not disappoint in the musical delivery of Sydney Eloise & The Palms and crafting the overall sound of Faces. Some have cited the band’s sound as 1960s inspired dream pop, while others could reference their sound as a blend of folk and modern music, with a dash of reflective soul. Tracks such as Gentleman, convey a sophisticated coming of age mixed with the perils of love. Despite the wonderful moodiness of such lyrical genius, the uppity ambiance and sound of the track casts the audience into an uplifted state of melancholy.

To listen to Sydney Eloise & The Palms:

Here is the band live.

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