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Get Big From Keen Garrity Channels Soul Seeking In Memorable Debut Album

3 Mar

Upon first listen to Keen Garrity, listeners will think of the smooth vocals of Shania Twain and songs from the heart. From the song Shotgun with poignant lyrics such as “when I met you, we ignited and I was firing on all cylinders” hit listeners right where they can feel it. Garrity’s voice sounds refined and constant through the album. She has an impressive vocal range and none of her variants in her voice sound off. As the album progresses, there is a quality that almost feels cinematic and transitional. The album Get Big begins with the anger and fury. When Get Big transitions to the song Walkabout/Stroll On and listeners hear the words “you made this heart the shadow of your own”, it sounds like the character is reaching a turning point and reclaiming their power. Just the detail in the lyrics by entangling metaphors and literal references alone makes her songwriting standout and her stories memorable. Get Big is the perfect album for anyone who wants to hear an original reflection on a journey that while coming from the genius of Garrity, listeners can channel all on their own with every listen.

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Soul Numbers By Seneko Delivers Americana Authenticity

25 Apr

Seneko delivers Americana rock in such a way, that anyone listening will see that the vocals of Stan Olshefski is just the beginning. Although the track list consists of five songs for this release, it packs alot of classic stories and ballads for listeners. Callin’ of the Cause showcases the acoustic guitar and the high pitches of the keyboard for a full sound. With a mixture of applause and exaggerated enunciation of lyrics, this sets it up effortlessly in regards to the instrumental sounds. The mixture of the 1960s sort of doo-wop background singing style makes a cameo as well on the album. If you want to listen to an album that has some feel good stories, the sounds of Americana, and exemplary music composition, Seneko has just the order.

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Shadow Of A Stone Songs Of Remembrance Speaks Volumes From Geoff Gibbons

17 Nov

Shadow of A Stone Songs of Remembrance speaks to audiences with a heartfelt tone of remembering and paying tribute to people who fight for our country. With lyrics like ” in the shadow of a storm, honing in on the darkness of being a hero as well goes deeper and holds significant meaning to audiences. While other songs on the album had significant meaning, the themes of dreams, time, and being a hero all run through the album. In terms of musical style, Gibbon’s work goes under the category of lyrical and contemporary all in one. Gibbons characterizes as well significant metaphors of longing, struggles, and the beautiful value of our lives. The tone of bluegrass also runs through the album. For listeners, Geoff Gibbons delivers his soul and spiritness for a message that is so much more than a remembrance.

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Silver Lake 66 Pulls At Listeners Heartstrings In Let Go Or Be Dragged

29 Mar

Silver Lake 66 makes listeners very aware of their full bodied sound that exemplifies the epitome of Americana sound. In their debut album, Let Go or Be Dragged, stories about Little Rock, life, and travels are prominent themes throughout. The effortless combination of Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo meshes together to form a signature and connecting sound within their music. The arrangement of the songs proves strong with Overbo’s guitar work and light percussion in the background of the prominent tracks on the album. The overall style of their songwriting definitely alludes to traditional country and Americana standards, but with a soulful and modern twist in the present.

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