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As A Bird of The Air Carries Andrew Reed Into The Energy Of The Rock Music Limelight

28 Apr










Andrew Reed brings a realm of light and consciousness in his album in the first track and then it goes in a direction that exemplifies nothing short of the high energy that classic rock is known to deliver. A rock fueled track includes Strangers with that 80s/90s instrumentals that doesn’t fall short of anything less than great. A close second is the song Escape on the album with lyrics like “you seem so restless, I’ve got no reservations about you” and the music arrangement of this song just makes me think of the band Aha! and the elements of glam, strength, and magic. An interesting fact about Reed is that he spent more than a year from social media and music in preparation to create this album. Doing so, when you take a listen, while it has nostalgic elements of the 80s and 90s music within the rock world, it does have a sense of uniqueness that is intertwined throughout the songs that incrementally get better and better as you listen. Artistically, all of the songs were all recorded with saturating analog tape which ran 3x normal speed, thus giving them an intentional sonic and power ballad feel. With enlightenment and transformation themes at play here, Reed creates something so magical you can’t quite put a name on the one thing that hooks you in, eager to want more.

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Annamay Channels Her Strong Vocal Talents In Debut Album F*CK You

18 Apr

With her debut album F*CK You releasing at the late of March 2019, listeners should have no excuse for not listening to Annamay. Memorable tracks from the album include Grab The Moon with metaphorical lyrics within the song painting visuals very vividly. “No matter what the price you pay, you’ll be true and most of all, but most of all keep your silver ring” has listeners visualize Annamay‘s lyrics into stories and personal narratives. Surf Through Life takes a lighthearted anthem approach meshing the worlds of spoken word and the sound qualities of beach rock. She takes the listener on the journey on her surfboard and connects it to the environment around her. Doing this makes the connection between an inner and outer world a reality. “Small seashells cup my feet and I’m glad I’m still here” mixes softness with strength as well. With all the whimsical qualities this album has to offer, her unique voice could be compared not only to one musical influence, but when you think of how the Sirens would sing and lure in Homer’s Odyssey, you’ll want to loop this album on repeat.

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Shadow Of A Stone Songs Of Remembrance Speaks Volumes From Geoff Gibbons

17 Nov

Shadow of A Stone Songs of Remembrance speaks to audiences with a heartfelt tone of remembering and paying tribute to people who fight for our country. With lyrics like ” in the shadow of a storm, honing in on the darkness of being a hero as well goes deeper and holds significant meaning to audiences. While other songs on the album had significant meaning, the themes of dreams, time, and being a hero all run through the album. In terms of musical style, Gibbon’s work goes under the category of lyrical and contemporary all in one. Gibbons characterizes as well significant metaphors of longing, struggles, and the beautiful value of our lives. The tone of bluegrass also runs through the album. For listeners, Geoff Gibbons delivers his soul and spiritness for a message that is so much more than a remembrance.

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A Window to Honduras – San Pedro Sula Sessions

1 Aug

What happens when you combine Americana beats with troubadour inclinations, take the intriguing combination to the warm, mountainous highlands of Honduras, and base lyrics off of historical narratives that you just happen to be teaching to children in the country. Well, much in line with the album cover above, you get this odd mixture of brush strokes and colors that form a piece of artwork, both delicate and brusque, almost Hemingway-esque.

The Blind Window is led by multi-instrumentalist Brian Katz, a semi-finalist in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition, who created this blend of inspired music while working as a history teacher in Honduras from 2010-2012. In his surroundings, he found enough isolation to devote time to developing his craft. In his subject, he found ideas that he molded into songs of pain, expired youth, and loss.

His music is endearing. It mixes the midwestern Americana branded by Tom Petty and Neil Young with modern Dylan-inspired folk created by bands like Fleet Foxes.

San Pedro Sula Sessions is The Blind Window’s first EP. Released in mid-July, the album is being toured in the Toronto area. I want to target two tracks that I think you all will like, both of which (like the entire EP) are available for free download at The Blind Window’s Bandcamp.

In order to understand the lyric of “William Walker” it is first important to understand who Mr. Walker was. Let me brush up a bit on my history, and, Mr. Katz may need to help me a bit. Walker was a filibuster (idea of conquering Latin American land and creating new slave states to join the Union) who became president of the Republic of Nicaragua in the mid-19th century. He ruled until he was defeated by a coalition of Central American armies, and was executed by Honduras in 1860. Ah, so now the lyric, “Shot at the firing wall by Honduran guns,” makes sense. The song’s introduction combines a staccato acoustic rhythm with synth. It would be a disservice to just say it’s Indie. I catch a noticeable scent of modern Mountain Goats. The band layers elements before the vocals begin.

Katz’s vocal is certainly Neil Young-like. His voice can get up there and it rises in the verse skillfully and melodically. I absolutely love this crescendo. He possesses a vocal talent much like some of the better folk artists, and this elevates the music to an excellent level.

Now, with William Walker’s history in your mind, read the lyrics of the piece. In a small frame, Katz speaks on Walker’s last days, reminiscent and nostalgic. And, there are gem-lines like, “When I am freed, from this penitentiary, I will reach, my divine finality.”

“Lost Between the Lines,” begins with soft ahs much like Iron and Wine’s “God Made the Automobile.” This continues and rises over a guitar riff until it fades into a perfect harmonica. Gosh, Katz’s voice really does remind me of Neil Young. Sorry for repeating it, but I really think he has a similar voice. The song moves at a great pace, the harmonica fill my favorite portion. It is not difficult to recognize the talent of The Blind Window, and I look forward to hearing about them more soon.

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